Cam 4

    Ginger hunk Bennett Anthony regularly broadcasts LIVE on CAM4, so we decided to get personal with him and see who this sexy redhead really is before logging on to see him get naked. Think of this as a first date – you have to have dinner before you get to the dessert.

    Start off by telling us about yourself, what made you get into porn?

    I wasn’t necessarily looking for a porn career.  One day, I was fortunate enough to bump into Howard from Fabscout who asked me why I wasn’t in the industry.  I had never really thought about it before.  The next day I jumped on a call with him, signed a deal, and the week after studios were sending me contracts.

    Did you struggle at the beginning or did it all come naturally to you?

    In the beginning, it wasn’t all that natural.  I had never taken Viagra before, so that was pretty new to me.  The first weekend I ever took it, my boner lasted the entire weekend.

    Do you prefer one on one scenes, or do you like groups?

    I prefer group scenes, because they typically go by faster.  They require less positions, less energy, and when you’re fortunate enough to take five loads on your face, nothing gives you a better the sense of euphoria.

    How many days do you go without cumming before shooting a scene?

    Before shooting a scene, I don’t ejaculate for 48 hours. 

    What are some advantages to performing live on cam as opposed to shooting a scene?

    One of the advantages to camming is, you get to make your own schedule.  You have the ability to take a long ass shower and eat as large of a breakfast as you’d like (know what I mean?).   

    How do you prepare for a scene where you are the bottom?

    When I prepare to bottom, I take a deep breath, pull my legs back as far as I can, and get ready for a wild ride.  I don’t use poppers because I like when a guy sticks his cock in my ass and it hurts.  It’s not a great amount of pain, but the little pain I do get feels sooooo good.  It releases a little more testosterone and I tend to get a stronger connection with the person I am bottoming for.

    Has any of your family or friends discovered you on their own?

    Well funny enough, someone at my mom’s job got the pleasure of telling her before I had the chance to. When she found out I only received the cold-shoulder for six months.  She realized that she loved her gay son Bennett more than her other 4 sons and came back quickly.  My family loves and supports me. Occasionally, a fun photo will get texted between family members and they have a good laugh.  We tend to stick with one rule: photos above the waist.

    If you weren’t doing porn, what do you think your career would be right now?

    If I wasn’t doing porn, I would still be exhausted, slaving away at a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina for $2.13/hr.  I would probably be living this false narrative of monogamy.  Porn has taught me that it is OK to cheat on everyone you date.  They either always come back, or you’ll find someone better.

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