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    We caught up with Steve Callow, CEO of the  Perfect Fit Brand, for a little Q&A!

    Hi Steve, how are you and what are you doing right at this moment?

    I’m doing well, thanks. It’s getting a little cooler in Fort Lauderdale, which is most welcome!  This has been a busy and exciting week, as two new products have just hit the market – the Fun Boy started shipping last week and the Bumper is being flown in from China as I write this.

    Tell us about Perfect Fit.

    Perfect Fit had a humble beginning with just a few products and lots of ideas.  Our first few products hit the market strong , and we have been growing quickly since our inception in 2010.  Our origins were in the enema market, as I was the founder and designer of the StreemMaster brand of products.   Unfortunately StreemMaster wasn’t to survive the market crisis of that era, but Perfect Fit was born with different operational strategy, and with some luck and lots of sweat from the whole team, it has become a leader in the men’s product market.    

    How did you get into the sex toy business?

    Living in NYC during the 9/11 times took a toll on me.  I was a transplant from Toronto, and I just didn’t have the NYC mindset and, really, desire to live in that world any more.  I bought a house and a convertible and moved to Fort Lauderdale and thought I was set.  Boredom set in and it wasn’t long before I decided I needed to do something.  This idea for a travelling douche had been in mind for some time.  As a travelling consultant for many years I had to improvise a lot.  I had finally developed my own kit–one that wouldn’t set off the airport scanners!  I perfected this simple design and I decided I would take it to the market.  It turns out I had many more ideas.

    Have you always been a sexually adventurous person?

    I’d say yes to that.  But I’d also say I grew up very sheltered, in the small city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  When I was in my 20’s I started spending time in NYC and my eyes were opened.  I was always into toy play, and started that at a very early age (I made a dildo when I was 12 or 13 out of wax!).  My mind was always very mechanical so I was always trying to make something to get off!  I got into leather, and need I say more?

    Tell us about some of your creations; the Buck Angel FTM Line for instance.

    I’m really proud of the Buck Angel FTM line of products.  I think as a gay men growing up in a straight world before the days of any “gay” sex toy brands, or even really any significant gay rights, I connected with the transgender challenges that have become so newsworthy in the USA.  Having a transgender employee helped understand the parallels to the LGBT communities, but with a 30 or 40 year lag in progress.  When Buck approached me about collaborating on a stroker for FTM men it was a no-brainer, he had an idea and I saw the importance of it.  Buck is amazing person and working with him has been a real pleasure.  The Trans community has been very welcoming.

    Up next is the Fun Boy. Designed as a “packer,” or fake cock and balls to be worn by FTM men, it’s turning out to be loads of fun for everyone. At our Folsom Street Fair booth in San Francisco this September, we had four male models in Fun Boys.Some of our other well know product innovations include the Tunnel Plug line, the Hump Gear, which was famously sold at Fort Troff under another name” Raw Dawg”; and our Zoro strap-ons.  Recently the Xact-Fit rings were discussed in Men’s Health magazine and the kit of them on the orange cone – the Play Zone has become a big seller for us.

    We’ve also heard about The Bumper, which sounds interesting. What is it?

    I suspect almost everyone who has been penetrated, whether man or woman, can tell you there has been a time a penis has been too long.  Whether it’s anal or vaginal sex, deep thrusting can leave your partner not wanting a repeat.  The Bumper™ was developed to act as a “thrust buffer™”, basically a large cushion to reduce penetration depth, and allow contact between the two partners.  It’s really quite a fun product, I think its uses have are broad and it works very well.  These will be shipping very soon!

    What’s your favourite creation?

    Hmmm…Definitely the ergofló Pro enema is my all-time favorite product (it is an improved design the of the original StreemMaster).  With the 20” deep clean nozzle, this product can clean you out deep in one 5 minute go with less stress on the body than any shower hose system!   I’m also a big fan of the Fat Boy line of products, these squishy sheaths are so versatile and even six years after launching them I still enjoy using them.  However, technically I most proud of our Jock Armour concept, which is now used in the Cellblock 13 line of Hybrid apparel.  This evolved from the Cock Armour line, which was the first cock ring designed to anchor to your groin, this shape made the product extremely comfortable and stable.  Adding attachment points for apparel was a new idea, and this concept of part sex toy, part apparel became a foundation for our Zoro line of product.  The Zoro is, in my mind, the biggest improvement in one category of products to hit market in a long time. 

    What’s the best thing about your job?

    This is a very friendly industry, making it enjoyable to go to all the trade events.  I travel 2-3 weeks a month so it is pretty taxing, but I love hearing feedback on our designs.  When I read customer reviews- this is when I take the most pride and enjoyment.

    Main photo line up: The Perfect Fit Brand Folsom Street Fair gang, from left to right: Dave Champion, Chris, Barber Pete, Buck Angel, Steve Callow, Jeremy, Wellington.

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