CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… the Cobra Libre II

    The COBRA LIBRE II is a famous sex toy for men. If you haven’t heard of it, I recommend you read this review and discover why. Made by Fun Factory, this state-of-the-art boy’s toy looks like a computer mouse / toy car hybrid.

    What is it? It’s a penis glans vibrator that works as a masturbator. The inner and part of the outer of the product is made from velvety soft silicone that smooths against and grips your dickhead and shaft. The technology behind COBRA has been imitated many, many times but no-one quite does it like the original.

    Holding this toy is a treat itself as it’s been ergonomically designed to be perfectly gripped by your hand with your thumb reaching the controls, flawlessly. COBRA has two powerful massage motors that deliver 11 different vibration patterns.

    The internal material is silicone, so you need to use either water based or hybrid lubricant. I chose SPIT Water Based lube (£12.99 for 250ml at Clonezone) and put a good amount on my dick, as well as rubbing some through the internal red material of the COBRA. Inserting my dick was really nice, because it has a sloped and curved shape that instantly accepts you, with an instant feeling of being ‘pulled’ or ‘sucked’. When I was inside, I started to play with the buttons. If you’re uncut, pull your foreskin back before putting it inside to experience the full benefit. It accepts all cock sizes and as the internal silicone tight, yet soft and flexible. It almost feels ‘doughy’ as you push on it.

    COBRA delivers DUAL vibration, meaning there are two motors inside that satisfy the head of your dick and another which rests on the shaft – complimenting the head stim. You will see what I mean.

    I hadn’t studied what the buttons did or what to push first so I simply began clicking around and instantly felt tingling, intense rumbles at the back of my head and shaft.  One of the vibration settings that I landed on felt like thumping, which was my favourite. The thumping felt a bit like fucking someone who was clenching and releasing for you. If you thought your dick was hard when you put it in COBRA, you’ll soon realise it gets harder.

    I just lay back with the COBRA for a while and enjoyed it. Whenever one of the sensations began to feel a bit ‘meh, I’m used to this now’, I’d click the buttons randomly and enjoy another setting. Personally, I find it hard to stay constantly satisfied with friction. I’m a member of the ‘I played with myself too much when I was young so now my dick is trained to be satisfied a certain way’ club. Many, many men are. So, I’m always having to move things about unless I’m with someone who’s particularly talented – and let’s face it, lots of people aren’t. Shade.

    You don’t really need to use COBRA like a Fleshjack and move it back and forward like you’re fucking it, as it’s about WHERE it pin points on your penis (not the back and forward motion). The two motors pulse, creating overlapping vibrations and delivering spot on stimulation.

    However, you can. There’s not much point moving more than a couple of inches back and forward. If you move more than this your cock ‘jolts’ off the internal curve, which distracts you more than anything. 

    As you can imagine with a tight hole and two motors designed for pleasure, experiencing pleasure and reaching orgasm is quite simple.  COBRA feels like it pulls the orgasm from your body outwards as your shaft feels like it’s going to take off. I can only imagine how good it would be to use it with a prostate massager at the same time.

    You feel the benefit of the vibrations as you’re cumming because the vibrators satisfy the most sensitive spots of your dick without giving you too much intensity to distract. The orgasm was so strong that I almost dropped the toy.

    COBRA can also be used for couples play as the red silicone coating reaches to the outer of its shape, so you’re man can sit on top of it as you use it, with the vibrations travelling though and massaging his perineum (if he’s male). The harder your partner pushes down, the more pleasure you both experience. The toy is really quite beautiful as well and easy to hold, meaning you can use it comfortably.

    Clean up is simple as COBRA is waterproof, I literally pooled its internal shape with water a few times and then with toy cleaning spray and water. I left it to dry with it facing down and then on its side. Wait until it’s completely dry before storing, or wipe it through with a dedicated cotton towel.


    • Rechargeable by magnetic USB wire
    • Silicone inner and partial outer coating
    • Solo or couples play
    • Can be used flaccid or erect
    • Waterproof
    • Can be used with one hand
    • Ideal for both cut and uncut guys

    COBRA is landing at Clonezone in mid-December and already has a short waiting list. If you want to be added, email [email protected] and I’ll make sure you get yours in time to make the Yuletide Gay. Use ‘TOPHER’ at the basket at for 10% OFF. Price: £124.99