Brut Halloween

    26/10/2018: Behind those heavy-duty silver doors lies a world of curiosities. We can confidently say we haven’t seen the Brüt crowd looking quite this curious before. These scare-bears came out ready to terrify, and maybe just to titillate just a little… We got dancing with this super cute daddy bear who we think was dressed as moss, or Big Foot maybe? Well, you know what they say about big feet… This is really where the hardcore bear types come to party hard and seeing how it was Halloween they went all that much harder, because with ghosts and zombies running around it’s much less obvious when you eventually leave looking wrecked. It was a major pity we went too hard too soon because we didn’t do a good job of convincing one of these guys to come back to our place through our slurring. Maybe next time we’ll stick to one or two… HA! Who are we kidding?

    Bloc South,  65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP

    Photos by FD Photo