Can You Handle This? How to Take It Big!

    For many men anal sex is a true pleasure. On various levels it can bring a big smile on your face. Firstly, you have the actual feeling of being penetrated which is great, let along those times that your G-spot is getting the royal treatment. Secondly the feeling that another man is actually in you, that thought on its own is exciting and super horny. Lastly for when you are flying solo and are going to town on yourself. Three great routes to pleasure

    But, what if the guy is massive or you are simply wanting to handle more? Here are some tips towards anal stretching ensuring you can take it all.

    Preparing for anal sex

    To prepare for any anal encounter, including stretching, there’s always some preparation involved. Firstly, have a satisfying poo to empty yourself out. Getting your daily recommendation of fibre should make this easy to do. Then give yourself a deep clean with a good anal douche. Take your time with this. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and be prepared to do at least two or three cycles.

    Let’s Get Started

    So, your bum is ready for the BIG time? Great, but remember there’s no rush! As with any training session, you must warm up first. So, start playing with your bum and insert fingers, toys or a dick that you are comfortable with.

    OK, now you’re ready for action! Stretching your bum is best achieved with using anal toys, get various toys up to the size you want to be able to handle. A variation of butt plugs and dildos would be great. Start with a toy that is the next up from the size you can already “handle”. Use plenty of lube, ideally water-based or a hybrid lube. Silicone lube might damage the toy. Enter the toy till it gets a little uncomfortable and leave it there for a while. Breathing is one of the main elements that will help with your anus relaxing into the new bigger size. Once it feels no longer uncomfortable push it a bit further and repeat the exercise. Steadily grow the size of the toy that you are using. Using butt plugs is great, if you want to accelerate this process then keep a butt plug inserted for a longer time. At esmale we have customers that, at times, wear a butt plug all day, even to the office. You can’t rush this process so it may take some time before you are ready to be pounded by that monster cock you saw in Grindr. Another key element is communication.

    Listen to your body and stop when it becomes too painful and if you are playing with a partner good communication is key. Guide your guy into doing what gives you the pleasure.

    Some extra help

    There are a few things that can help you become the greedy bottom you want to be. Firstly, there are many anal lubes that have relaxants as a key ingredient. These will help relax the muscles inside your bum, the best way to insert the lube is with a lube tube applicator. This will deposit the lube further into your ass ensuring a smoother less uncomfortable journey. Secondly there are relax sprays that focus more on the outside of the anus, just a few sprays and the initial entering will feel less painful. Another product that can help are room aromas. Poppers UK, within the UK there is one formulation available and you can pick up a bottle in many adult stores or online. Be aware not to overdo any of the lubes or room aromas. You want to be fully aware of what you are doing and don’t hurt yourself.

    So, there you have it, the way into anal stretching so you can take some big dick or stuff yourself with some huge toys. This is also a great way to train yourself for anal fisting, a practice many men go wild for. One customer at gay sex toys super store esmale might have a target you can work towards. He is able to take all the 17 inches of the dildo in the picture. 17 inches might not be the longest dildo but the girth of this weapon off ass destruction is massive. It will match a big muscle upper arm…ouch!

    Always be careful, it is great pushing your limits and create a new comfort zone but listing to your body when it is pain. This is the point when you stop, rest up and push the boundaries the next time. 

    With love and lust, Team

    For more information on any of the above do not hesitate to contact the guys at, they are more than happy to talk you through any questions. They can also advice what products from their massive collection might be the right one for you.