The Men of XTube: Meet the Super Hot XTube Ambassadors Taking the Site by Storm

    We all have our favourite performers. Whether it’s that cheeky wink they give just before they whip it out, or having that perfect arse that bounces in that way you like. XTube has hand-picked some of their favourite, and are sure that you’re going to love getting to know them. Amateur-led porn site XTube have such a rage of hot content that they’ve named three of their popular performers as XTube Ambassadors. They introduced their ambassadors to eager watchers last year, and folks have been lining up to watch what these boys have to offer. It gave active users a chance to really connect with a performer, and show real appreciation for the hot content they’re churning out. When you can tune in to catch what your favourite hottie gets up to on his daily sexual adventures, it makes watching so much more thrilling.

    XTube is the largest amateur gay porn community online, and is a place for both professional and amateur performers to come together and get stuck into it. The ambassadors really live up to what the site represents, with an insatiable appetite for all things horny, eager to share their content. These guys share exclusive content on XTube that you won’t find anywhere else.


    The newest member to join the XTube board of ambassadors is the UK’s own DavidLucaXXX. Having grown up here in Britain, he hopped on a flight over to Spain to live out his sexual fantasies. He registered on the XTube website just this May and became an ambassador in September. He’s really shaken things up since becoming an ambassador this year, and his videos as men desperate to see what he’ll get up to next. With almost 40k followers across his socials, you better believe that he’s one popular guy.

    When he’s not busy as a teacher and writer, you can find him starring in a number of porn films. He’s performed with the most well-known stars out there, but you’ll only be able to find his hottest content exclusively on He’s a super talented performer who’s into being a Pig Bottom and is really into fisting.

    Check out content from all three of these dashing performers over exclusively on XTube, were you can dive into their back catalogue of content, and keep up with everything they upload. 


    TattTwink was the first guy ever to be signed up to be an XTube’s ambassador. He signed up to XTube a little over four years ago, sharing content of himself showing off his athletic physique. Very quickly he developed a following on the site and was signed to be an XTubes Ambassador in June of last year. His rippling abs and cheeky attitude made him super popular with the site’s regular visitors. A Canadian with an appetite for all things filthy, TattTwink is sure to get your member twitching and your heart fluttering. He uploads exclusive, scorching hot content up on to XTube that really showcases his huge, throbbing… talent.

    As part of his ambassadorial duties, he joined the XTube crew on all the fun of New York Gay Pride back in June 2018. He was quick to make friends and met a few fans along the way. He’s also developed a following outside of XTube with a total of 16.4k followers across his social media accounts, where he can’t help but show off his sexy tattoos. He’s the playful ginger twink that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of.


    Second to join the ranks at XTube was ambassador XDevonRiderX. This cord-fed country boy from Pennsylvania keeps his fans entertained. Whether it’s an intimate moment in the shower or whacking one out after a long day, he’s happy to share it all. He signed up to XTube over three years ago, and his talent was recognized by XTube last October when he became an ambassador. He’s a kinky bugger who’s eager to keep his fans happy.

    XDevonRiderX is really into being dominated and loves nothing more than being submissive on camera. He’s one of the site’s kinkier performers and keeps a very open mind. He really loves his fetish play and loves nothing more than to give over control. All of his hottest content is exclusively uploaded on to XTube where you can find him indulging in a bit of bondage, spanking, tickling, feet and so much more. Who DOESN’T love a submissive boy?

    To check out scorching-hot content from these three, head over to