CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… the Deep Flexer by Colt

    Deep Flexer

    There’s something to be said about affordable sex toys, you know? A lot of players have the assumption that if you don’t buy something pricey then it’s not going to either WORK or LAST – neither of which is the case. This week I’m looking at my favourite type of product; a Prostate Massager, The Deep Flexer by Colt.

    One day I’ll review something else – but this one is under £50 so I really wanted to let QX Men readers know that you don’t need to break the bank to get a good P-Spot orgasm. I need to stop reviewing the expensive toys but they’re so F*CKING APPEALING!

    The Deep Flexer by COLT is available for just £34.99 at Clonezone. I’m always curious about COLT products as they’re an old-school gay porn studio (established in 1967) with an iconic history. The Deep Flexer is advertised as having two uses; a prostate massaging vibrator and it also doubles as a testicular stimulator. So if you like your balls played with, check this out.

    As it’s made from silicone, I began by adding SPIT (Water Based lube – Available from Clonezone) to its length, around its circumference and inside of the entrance my hole with my fingers. I was quite hungover doing this review, so I naturally find that I’m hornier and find using toys to be easier and more pleasurable. I held the control panel towards my body and pointed the curved down and around – as if I’m going to hook myself and slowly began to push it inside. I did this without the vibration being switched on.

    When it slides inside, you can vividly feel the ergonomic, texture shape be swallowed inwards. The bumped ridges, which are around 2.5 inches apart each grind against your hole and sphincter muscles. It doesn’t have a large girth, so you can enjoy this sensation without having to push it in. It’s really pliable, so you can grind and fuck yourself with it by the slight movement of your wrist. The shape gave me the feeling that this toy was going really deep, when in fact it inserts to a maximum of about 3-4 inches naturally… or more if you want to push the remainder inside of yourself.

    I went for a while without using the vibration and actually selected it by accident, where it automatically went into a smooth single vibration which sent tingles ALL through my crotch… now, I don’t know 100% if this was due to the hangover or the prostate massage but I instantly got that tingling ‘I need to pee’ sensation and felt my body wanting to cum.

    There are 8 different vibration settings in total on the Deep Flexer but I preferred the single vibration at its highest strength which managed to satisfy me without going numb. Though if you’re using it and get used to sensation I would recommend switching to one of the escalating settings or just sit on it.

    I brought myself to orgasm REALLY easily with the Flexer and I was surprised by how good it felt inside. The cum/orgasm/explosion was REALLY good (probably assisted by my daydreams of Anthony Joshua) but exploded outwards from my prostate gland.

    This is why I recommend that you boys explore your prostates, as each time you use it after mastering it – the orgasm is incomparable.

    Using it as a ball teaser is so much fun. What I did was wank as usual and hold it with my other hand, with the hook shape reaching around my balls and the point resting between them both at the back. I found myself pushing the tip of it down onto my perineum too. This is a really fun way to wank, and certainly adds another edge to masturbating without using an anal toy you have to clean up afterwards. I also recommend resting it on the outside of your hole during a wank. WIN WIN.  

    How can I make the most of the Deep Flexer?

    • Dedicate time to Prostate Massage
    • Great after a nice hot bath or shower
    • Use IN the shower, as its waterproof
    • Get your partner to use it on you whilst giving you head. Trust me.
    • Keep the batteries topped up.

    Deep Flexer Specifications:

    • 8 Functions of Vibration, Pulsation & Escalation
    • Easy push-button control base
    • Made from velvety smooth silicone
    • Takes 2 x AAA batteries

    Deep Flexer Dimensions:

    • Insertable length: 3″ x 1″
    • Full length: 7″ x 4″

    The Deep Flexer is available at Clone one for just £34.99. Use ‘TOPHER’ at for 10% OFF. Tweet me your thoughts & questions @HelloIAmTopher