CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… The Stronic Drei

    When I saw the Stronic Drei, my first thoughts were “What the fuck does Stronic Drei mean?” then a little reading up informed me that this toy features STRONIC technology. And you know those moments when you feel really ditzy? (I was pulling that confused Britney Spears meme face) because I have no idea what STRONIC technology is. It turns out that this technology is the pulsating ‘thrusting’ motion inside of the toys shaft. When you switch it on, the toy begins to internally bounce – making it feel like it’s actually thrusting in and out. It also comes with the tagline ‘TRUST THE THRUST’ which I love.

    A quick flick through settings, and the manual told me that STRONIC DREI has 10 functions within three modes; Algorithmic, Constant and Dynamic. The settings have cute names like Dirty Dancing, Vienna Waltz and Quicky. I’m not usually a fan of Quickies but there’s something promising about this unique looking sex toy.

    Taking the toy out of its packaging is actually a treat within itself, as Fun Factory have packaged this toy so beautifully. Its weight is instantly apparent as you begin to unwrap it, and a quick ‘shake’ of the toy lets you feel this unique bouncing technology inside. The Stronic Drei is phallic and curved (ideal for prostate play) but features unique ribs (9 in total) up-and-down its shaft. The material is a velvety smooth silicone. I charged it for 4 hours before use. Four hours seems to be standard with most chargeable sex toy and I simply plugged the USB charging cord into my iPhone block, attached the charging magnets to its base and let it charge as I got on with my work.

    I’m going to be honest and say that I was really nervous about using this toy. I’m not a fan of dildos personally, I like insertable toys that are probe-like or prostate shaped. I’m much more interested in pleasure over penetration and although it’s not technically a ‘dildo’ – it’s definitely bigger than something I’d ever consider using. But the STRONIC technology had me sold.

    Using SPIT (water-based) lube, I kind of wanked lube into its shaft and pushed some into myself first. I’d relaxed myself well after using a douche, so I was surprised at how smooth insertion was. Then, I accidentally switched the toy on with a ‘lube-y’ slip of the hand, which made Stronic Drei started to pulse and it actually pushed itself inside of me. The base was rested on the mattress allowing this to happen. I have to say this is the first time that something other than a man got himself inside without me. Hell, it didn’t even have to buy me a drink first.

    After a good 5 minutes of relaxing into its girth, I started to play with the settings – clicking through and found that I liked the ‘pumping’ one the most. I don’t know what name it is, but you’ll know it when you find it as it bounces at one speed constantly. I balanced the base of the toy on my mattress and let the bouncing do its work. The arched tip of its head was directly hitting my Prostate as I raised my hips and lowered, so of course my impatient self-wanted to start masturbating and taking advantage of the pleasure.

    The bouncing technology feels really nice inside and you can feel it rumbling off in all those sensitive spots around your sphincter.

    Pulling it in-and-out is intense and pleasurable, as each rib pushes out about 2-3mm and gives your hole a rub as it goes. Just be gentle as with each pull you open your hole up a little and you don’t want push too much air inside. No toy is worth those irritating cramps the next day.

    The handle is really nice to hold, as you can tell it’s’ been designed to rest perfectly in your hand. One thing I have to say is that I’d much rather use this toy with a partner than alone, as I wanted to focus on the pleasure but found myself having to keep holding it inside and wanting to alternate settings.

    Building up to orgasm was actually quite sudden, as I switched to a setting which did a pattern of bouncing, buzzing and then back (I think this was Rollerball setting) and my body just decided “yep, it’s time” and I actually started to cum without handling myself too much at all. I’d describe the orgasm of a mix of the orgasm you get whilst being fucked and with using prostate toy. So basically, heaven.

    Listen, this toy is not cheap. At £139.99 I appreciate that it’s not something you just pop-out and buy but I hope you will consider the technology, material and power of the Stronic Drei. I can assure you that mine will be staying fully-charged, next to my bed for the near future


    • Stronic THRUST Technology
    • USB rechargeable
    • Body-safe silicone
    • Fully waterproof
    • 10 functions
    • Sleekly packaged for discreet storage


    • Circumference: 5.25″
    • Insertable Length: 5.5″
    • Length: 9.5″

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