Cocky Boys

    In the world of adult media there are many options. Fans have gravitated to the large studios for decades as well as enjoyed the rise of less refined self shot material. CockyBoys Fans Only hopes to bring the best of both worlds to the fans worldwide.

    Studio head Jack Jaxson says, “With CockyBoys Fans Only we want to give the performers more control in the process shooting with the guys they like and shooting it with their own safety preferences.” With the rise of the use of PReP, many men are choosing to have open discussion about sex with their partners.

    Many of the CockyBoys Fans Only scenes are condomless with the models discussing and communicating with their partners their status & sexual preferences. Frank and open discussions about sexual safety are always recommended when engaging in any activity.

    Another intriguing aspect of the new line of scenes is that the models are fully engaged in the entire profit making process. Beyond being paid for their work and effort, CockyBoys is happy to announce that the exclusive performers who produce content will also be paid a percentage of gross revenue from all exploitation of their work in DVD, VOD and licensing.

    CockyBoys Superstar Boomer Banks was the first model to participate in the new line, CockyBoys Fans Only. “In his new CockyBoys studio imprint, Boomer Banks, is ready to go condomless,” added the rep. “Having reached the pinnacle of the gay porn world and having shot in every position known, he’s ready to break out of the ‘Box’ and now make his own rules while creating this new studio imprint on CockyBoys called BoomBoxxx. Fans will see Boomer like never before as he explores and experiments with a variety of men, boys and (boy)toys that he has had relationships with both on and off camera.”

    Remarking upon the new line, Banks said, “When Jake first approached me to create a new studio imprint for ‘CockyBoys: Fans Only!’ I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  It was going to be different from what’s currently in the site, namely that it would be shot skin-to-skin (condomless), and it would be more of a reflection of what I enjoy in my real life, with the kind of men and beautiful boys that I’m fortunate to know and love. 

    You can catch many of the CockyBoys Exclusive Models shooting for the new CockyBoys Fans Only including Boomer Banks, Calvin Banks, Taylor Reign, Cory Kane, Josh Moore, Ricky Roman & More!

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