Libidex New Range

    Get a load of the stunning new Libidex male fetish fashion range, one of their most extensive to date with over 200 items divided into 6 style categories. The campaign was shot over 3 weeks by the great Trevor Watson, featuring models with Petar and Tristan, check out the gorgeous pics below!

    Libidex have described this collection as a true labour of love and it shows, as they have created something to be truly proud of. Between design team brainstorming sessions, research, designing, sample making, fitting to the actual shoot, the campaign and collection’s creation took many months. The new styles will talk for themselves with expert pattern cutting, creative use of colour combinations as well as clever design details, raising the bar for male latex fetish fashion.

    Style Man

    As the name suggests this collection is for all men with a discerning taste for all things fashionable and stylish. From trendy tops, to smart-looking shirts, Style Man is certainly a cut above the rest.

    Dandy Man

    Every fancy boy’s dream come true, lots of dress up themed numbers like our revisited cowboy shirts, frilled shirts galore, cutting edge styles designed to make a big impression.

    Party Man

    For clubbers and party goers hungry for something fresh, their Pentagon shirts, muscles tops and harness shirts will get you to stand out from the crowd.

    Action Man

    Latex with attitude. O ring Bondage shirts, officer shirts, Heartbeat applique. A perfect mix of classic uniforms and reimagined old favourites for the trendy and adventurous.

    Fit Man

    Featuring some beautifully cut muscle vests, long sleeves sporty 3 toned tops, numbered track hoodies. Sexy and practical to get down and dirty with it.and adventurous.

    Cool Man

    The name says it all, as Libidex looked for inspiration from some of their favourite designers like Westwood and Alexander McQueen as well as street styles. Hot and expertly tailored garments, very Savile Row with a fetish twist.

    All of the New Male Range are available in sizes from XXS to 4XL as well as Petite, Regular and Tall for shirts.

    Visit the showroom, Liberation at  49 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HE or shop the full collection and more at