No longer confined to the bedrooms or dungeons of the hardcore player, electro-sex is breaking into more and more homes around the world as UK-based brand ElectraStim continue to develop revolutionary products with broad appeal.


    Traditionally, electro-sex has had an intimidating image; giant metal dildos bristling with a current, or a Dom using an electrified arsenal of toys on a willing Sub. That’s not to say it doesn’t float a lot of boats, but it can be scary for a newcomer!

    To address this issue, ElectraStim are changing the game by developing a range of ‘softer’, less daunting toys that are the perfect introduction if you’re new to electro-sex. Designed to be sleek, elegant and sit happily alongside more ‘mainstream’ sex toys, the Silicone Noir range combines toys made from smooth and tactile silicone with powerful electro-sex stimulation that provides a pulsating, tensing pleasure that’s unlike anything else. Putting ease-of-use first, the Rocker Butt Plugs have been designed with a cut-out base that allows the stimulator cables to enter at 90 degrees rather than straight down. Now you can rock and ride your way to an intense climax with 3 sizes available to cater for newbies all the way to size queens.

    Silicone Noir

    One of the best things about electro-sex is that the depth of the stimulation can lead to a Hands Free Orgasm (HFO). That’s right, with just the power of the stimulator and your chosen toy you can experience an intense climax with almost no effort at all! The Sirius prostate massager is perfectly designed for this very purpose. Angled for intense prostate stimulation and with a satisfying girth, the shape alone effectively pleases your p-spot but combined with electro-stimulation the pleasure intensifies. Electro-sex is particularly fun during prostate play as the electricity penetrates deeply making a mind-blowing full-body orgasm much more likely.

    The Sirius prostate massager

    The Silicone Noir range boasts a variety of anal probes and dildos- all with lengths, girths and shapes that cater to beginners. The beauty of electro-sex is that no matter what type of accessory you buy, you can always make the experience more intense by using the higher settings on the control unit.

    Never ones to slow down, earlier this year ElectraStim launched the Jack Socket – the world’s first realistic electro-sex stroker. By harnessing e-stim technology, the tried and tested masturbator design has been turned on its head for an experience that customers and reviewers are raving about. With every stroke the soft skin-like material massages your cock while the electrical current provides a deep, throbbing sensation that has to be felt to really be appreciated. Designed to be non-anatomical and gender neutral, the Jack Socket is aimed at any man who enjoys (or wants to experiment with) electro-sex.

    Jack Socket

    Picking up industry awards from the likes of Adultex and ETO, both the Silicone Noir range and the Jack Socket have been a huge success for ElectraStim. Although it’s impossible to say exactly how many people are enjoying electro-sex around the country, the positive response to Silicone Noir and Jack Socket has only given ElectraStim more confidence to keep innovating… Watch this space.


    • To find out more and see the full range of ElectraStim’s products, go to www.electrastim.com.