H-Partyboys’ Sports Party

    21/10/2016: The rules are simple: you register online, the organisers rent a secret venue and send you the details a day or two in advance together with a password. No one else is allowed in. This Friday it was the turn of our favourite den of iniquity, the Hoist, to host one of H-Partyboys’ members-only events, with a sports kit theme for the occasion.

    While the punching bag and mat that had been installed in the bar area of the main vault saw very little action, we are pretty certain that all members involved got what they wanted and deserved. The randy young fuckers gathered that night meant business and soon after the doors had been closed most had already migrated to the higher darker recesses of the place to quench their undeniable thirst. The shorts and jock-straps came down and much sucking, fingering and fucking was enjoyed by the ready and willing crowd in great heaving clusters of manflesh. It was hot; just the way we all like it. 

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    Words by Nicolas Chinardet.

    Photos by Zefrog.eu

    The Hoist, Railway Arches 47B and 47C, South lambeth Road , Vauxhall, London SW8 1SR