Fetish Focus: The Boys Club

    Imagine a space that was created for you. What would it look like? Who would be there? What would happen?

    Imagine having the privilege to revel in a space that belonged to you.

    If you had the power to go back in time and redo your first fetish experience, would you?

    You never forget the feeling of being the new kid on the block. A mix of nervousness and excitement as you are brought into this world that you built up in your head for so long. All expectations being blown away with the reality of the scene in front of you.

    Do you remember the first time you truly let go? Allowing yourself to immerse fully in the offerings around you. The feeling of ecstasy and release after everything was done.

    Thinking back to that moment, were you able to let go because you felt comfortable? Accepted? Confident? Knowledgeable in the workings of the scene? It may have taken a beat, but you got there in the end.

    Imagine a space that was created for you.

    Personally, I love the idea of bringing the values of ballroom culture and familial houses into the fetish scene. Houses provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ to survive and thrive. Traditions, support and guidance are passed down the ranks. A way for the old guard to engage with the new. Bringing in new faces to a place that they instantly fit in.

    I wonder what my fetish journey would have been like if from the very beginning I was inducted into a space where there were others like me. Where I felt seen and took comfort in my place in the scene.

    Imagine a space that was created for you.

    Welcome to The Boys Club.

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