Hello 2020! Let’s Get Started with the Best of 2019!

    The best way to move forward is to learn from the past, at least I am pretty sure I have heard that somewhere before. So, for those of you that are into pleasing yourself and others we have created 5 of the most popular sex items of 2019. This is based on statistics and customer feedback from online gay super store www.esmale.com. Let have look what has provided the most pleasure in 2019.

    Fetish product of 2019

    Sport Fucker Adjustable Travel Sling, this has been our best-selling fetish item. This sling is compact, easy to you use and to take with you. It is also comfortable, with padded neck and leg support. This adjustable sling has your legs in the air in no time, so you can have a solid fuck / fisting session in comfort and ease! 

    Best new sex brand of 2019

    Last year Hunky Junk was added to the collection and to us it came as no surprise that it was a big hit. From the maker of the popular Oxballs sex toy range their Hunky Junk brand is at least as good as Oxballs. It mainly focussed on Cock and Ball Gear. All made from high quality stretch material so one size fits all. They offer great cock rings and ball stretchers, but we LOVE the cock sheaths. These are great for adding some extra inches and giving him an extra good seeing to. If you are looking for some good fuck tools, Hunky Junk is worth a look.

    Sex Toy of the Year 2019

    It might not be the most exciting toy in the world, but the Colt Anal trainer kit is not only very popular, it has only ever had positive reviews. For example an esmale customer reviewed it as follows; “These have helped me immensely, not only are they enjoyable to use but by keeping one in for a short while before anal sex I can more easily take penetration then before when I would experience pain no matter how much lube or stretching there was.”

    In essence the training kit consists of 3 butt plugs ranging from 4.7 to 6.5 inches in length and 2.5 to 3.50 inches in width. The usage of these plugs varies a lot. Some customers wear a plug all day long and others use them to prepare themselves for anal penetration. All in all, this versatile anal toy is a best seller for many good reasons. One for your 2020 shopping list perhaps?

    Lube of the year 2019

    We have had several new lubes in the store during the year and all of them are good and effective in what you need from a lube. But there seems to be one lube that beats all the others, certainly in sales numbers, and that is Spunk Lube This is a hybrid lube that does not leave much to the imagination as it looks like Spunk. For those that do not know; a hybrid lube is a waterbased lube with a small amount of silicone in it. This means that it last longer than a water-based lube. An extra advantage is that it is compatible to use with condoms and sex toys which is not always the case with silicone lube. So really, a hybrid lube provides the best of both worlds.

    Sex Essential of the 2019

    So many to choose from in this category. In the end it was between the Mister B vinyl sex sheet, the new X Men Pills and a super effective cock ring from Colt called the snug tugger. After a long conversation the decision was based on sales numbers and customer feedback. Ultimate it is the Mister B vinyl sex sheet that takes the crown. It is a high-quality sex sheet and essential for those that like sex that could get messy, but in a good way! Great for fisting, piss play and allround messiness. I mean…..you don’t want that whip cream on your sofa or bed, do you? 


    These were some of the most popular sex items in 2019, if any of these sound like they could add to your sex life then pop over to www.esmale.com where you will find all these items on sale. If you hurry you might still catch the January sale!