From pain to pleasure, it hurts so good!

    Throughout the years men have invented many ways to torture themselves to pleasure. This month the focus is on cock and ball play.

    Most of us that have been on the receiving end of anal penetration, know that after the initial pain or discomfort awaits great pleasure. Well, the same applies to cock and ball play. We will dive into 3 different ways to get yourself some increased pleasure.

    Lock up your cock!

    Male Chastity devises are especially designed cock cages you use to lock up your penis. This prevents you from getting a full erection. While locked up, you can’t masturbate or orgasm. In some instances, these devises come with a key and only the keyholder can remove the cage. While some guys might be filled with horror by the idea, plenty of men will whimper with exciting just by the thought of it. It really heightens the stake when in a sub/dom relationship. No pain no gain, at least according to an customer who managed to keep his manhood locked up for 5 days. When his master unlocked his cock, he was so mad with desire it resulted in the most intense orgasm he has experienced. The only downsides he experienced was that having a pee was not that easy. Also the first few nights it was a bit uncomfortable sleeping, but it was more than worth it! Besides the role play element wearing a chastity case can increase you sex drive, you’ll be surprised how “being denied it” can make you want it!

    Tie up them balls

    OUCH, you want me to tie up my balls…..YEP. Ball stretching is actually a lot more popular then you think. Not only is the feeling of stretching your balls very arousing on its own, it can also prolong orgasms. There is some biology supporting this: the orgasm lasts as the semen travels through the balls and penis. To do that, your scrotum must contract first. When you have stretched balls, this mechanism is prolonged because there is just more space for semen to travel. In addition, a longer scrotum can’t contract easily, which puts a tingling pressure on your genitalia. The pressure and tug last for much longer than usual, which leads to long-lasting and prolonged orgasms. Ball stretchers come in all shapes and sizes, start small and take it from there. Another reason worth stretching your balls for is the sensation you get when slamming your balls against someone’s ass when fucking them. Besides all the great feelings it can produce, wearing a ball stretcher is a super-hot look!


    Last but not least we have Urethral Sounding, this on the surface seems the most painful, mainly because you literally stuff your pee hole with a product called a sound. A sound is basically a long, thin rod, often made of surgical steel or medical grade premium silicone. So, why sounding, Well one sounder we spoke to puts it as follows, “It is not stimulation or pleasurable like for example masturbation. It is a way more intense feeling. At first, I was not sure about it, but once you are trained enough to get the sound all the way in, to where the prostate is, then the sensations are insanely intense and a huge source of pleasure”.

    Penis Sounding, is a process that takes time and training, so start with a small rod and work your way up. There will be some discomfort at times, but as this article is all about the road from pain to pleasure, this was to be expected. Give it a try.

    For more information on any of the above do not hesitate to contact the guys at, they are more than happy to talk you through any questions. They can also advice what products from their massive collection might be the right one for you.

    Now, hit the road from pain to pleasure yourself. We are certain you will not regret it. Ouch Ouch…..ohhh yeahhh!!