XXX Halloween Special

    After celebrating its mammoth 5th Birthday a few months ago, London’s most notorious sex/fetish events is back and bringing you an XXX Halloween Special. Now cementing itself as an integral part of the gay party calendar and known for its eclectic hot sexy crowd and performances from the elite of the porn industry.

    We catch up with the BRAINS behind it all Martin Rab to tell us more

    Hey Martin – So we know that Sexcircus celebrated its 5th Birthday earlier this year, what have you been up to since then??

    Firstly I want to thank everyone that helped us celebrate the 5th B’day it was an absolutely amazing party.  Since then I’ve been planning for the next event, which I can now excitedly announce to be our Halloween Special. !!!

    We’re really excited to hear about the Halloween Special!  Can you tell us some more about it??

    I’m not going to give to much away but wanted to come up with something XXXtra special, so after the idea of combining Octobers two most famous events Oktoberfest & Halloween we are so excited to present our ‘XXXTOBER SEXFEST’

    Expect a Dark & Sexy night filled with wickedly horny fun with the most devilishly hot & horny pornstars performing on stage.

    So does that mean we can be expecting more themed parties next year?

    YES !!!!  and this really excites me, I love being able to theme the events because it gives the opportunity to fully immerse everyone into the whole night, not only is it fun for me to plan but on the night it makes everyone feel involved from the performers to costumers to hosts and anyone else.

    Sexcircus is known for having the hottest stage shows with some of the sexiest pornstars from around the world, who have you got this time around?

    I always like to have a few little surprises on the night but the performers I will reveal are our residents Allen King & Gabriel Phoenix, aswell as hunky studs Klein Kerr, Max Duran, Alexis Clark, Jonas Jackson and our Sexcircus Virgin Austin Sugar

    So what have you got planned for next year?

    I’ve been keeping this info under wraps for a while now but with the massive success of the past 5 years, I am so happy to announce Exclusively to you guys that Sexcircus is growing and will be putting on 4 big themed events next year.

    The tagline for Sexcircus is ‘Something For Everyone’.  Why is it so important for you to send out that message?

    I just think it is so important in the times of social media and such big stereotyping that there is somewhere where everyone from any age, background, gender, culture or race can come to feel safe without prejadice.  Somewhere where the can feel free and explore there fantasies without any judgement, which I can gladly say we have accomplished



    What I love about being part of Sexcircus is that everyone can be themselves. It’s a party for people to live out their fetish’s & alos a place to try new ones!  People can do what they want and let them selves have fun without any judgment. It also attracts hot guys from all over as it only happens a few times a year, which always makes it extra special in my opinion! Ever since being part of our first Sexcircus back in 2016 we have always been excited to be back and perform and very proud to now have our Dark Room Brand being the main sponsor!




    SEXCIRCUS is always one of my highlights of the year, it’s always a such a blast!  The crowd are so friendly and its always a great vibe, and you have the choice between so many areas of dancing and playing and searching out the spots to have fun in. The best part is sharing the DJ booth with other residents.. They are all such bad infuences on me!




    I fucking love sex circus! The whole feel of the night exudes sex appeal, diversity and raw pleasure which is easy for me to gel with!  Not to mention reuniting with some of my favourite performers, everyone working hard behind the scenes & of course working with Martin. It really is a wicked night and Halloween will prove to be the most wicked.




    I love being part of Sexcircus because it’s full of the sexiest crowd from all over the world from the guests to the bartenders to the performers to the amazing team.  It’s a party with so much sex appeal that oozes sex from the minute you walk in.

    Sexcircus Halloween XXXtober Sexfest. Earlybird, VIP & Group Tickets available from Fire London, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT. 1 Minute Walk from Vauxhall Station