Get Ya Kit Off!

    Cottaging, cruising and public fun.

    Sucking dick in the great outdoors has been a part of gay culture since time in memoriam. For me, my journey started in the school toilets with pretty much any gay I could find but there are many weird and wonderful places that we gays love to get down and dirty. Parks, train stations, lay-bys and even the odd plane toilet has been graced with a quickie.

    But why do we love it so much? What is it about a quick fling somewhere you’re not supposed to with someone you’ll never see again that makes us so horny?! First of all, public fun attracts the exhibitionist that lays dormant in all of us. Even the shiest guy gets a thrill from it. I think it’s the combo of testosterone and fresh air. Did anyone’s else’s mum tell them that playing outside is good for you?

    Another reason is that it harks back to the golden days before Grindr where meeting the local bumboys (can we say bumboy in 2019?!) was difficult. Homophobia was rife and we were an underground community. Sometimes the only way to have a bit of fun was going to that corner of the park where the gays meet in the dark. Luckily, or sadly if you’re a big fan of cruising, things have evolved since then. As we have become more accepted, and the digital age has spread across the globe like super gonorrhoea, getting your rocks off has become much easier yet for many of us cruising remains, good old-fashioned fun!

    Now I can hear some of you muttering to yourselves in the corner of that bar in Soho flicking through these pages waiting for your friends. Don’t go judging us cruisers too soon! Many of you might have the image of sleazy old geezers touching themselves in the dark. That isn’t what it’s like! Larger cruising spots like Hampstead Heath have a wide variety of guys of all shapes, sizes, ages and colours. The diversity that makes cities like London so special can be seen in its finest cruising spots and I think the best way to see it for yourself is by visiting yourselves. And talking of sleazy, you get out what you put in when it comes to cruising. It can be as sleazy or as sensual as you want. Life is a sexual boat ride and you’re your own captain. MAN THE POOP DECK!

    If standing in the park doesn’t appeal to you allow me to point out that the blowjob you gave in the gym toilets also falls under the category of cruising, you saucy little minx. The gym is the new public loos in the world of cruising and it’s a bit of an upgrade. Hot bods, homoerotic exercises and fresh man smells. Pheromones don’t exist but if they did the air would be rife with them. Let this be your new hunting ground! If your gym is a nice one, you’ll even find a Sauna built in. Saves on the entry fee for the gay Saunas and it’s of secret gays full of cum and nervous excitement! 

    So, whether you’re hanging around in some toilets, cruising some woods or spending a little too long in the gym sauna, have some fun boys! You won’t regret it. Just try not to get caught by someone you shouldn’t.

    Public bondage is the same thrill you get when you go cruising. Being naked or nearly naked outside or in a public place is a rush you all need to experience. Stay safe, don’t do anything too illegal and enjoy yourselves lads.

    Lots of Love, David x