Play Kit UK

    There’s a new fetish brand in town! And they’re slick, modern, original and inventive.

    All the goods they stock are made in the US or EU and they specialize in catering to all your playroom needs. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a sling, this is the place to get one. They do a sling frame package for just over £500, which includes EVERYTHING – four chains, eight snap hooks, a four-point sling and a carry bag. So get your legs up and get comfy. They also stock exciting, unique products like the Stainless Steel Ice Look – it’s a timed lock that you freeze – it only unlocks when the temperature warms and the ice melts. As well as that, there’s more classic stuff like leather harnesses, condoms and lube, butt plugs and more.

    For more info and to purchase products, head to

    Bent pop 168 60