Gran Canaria

    Barry El Beardo hits the Canaries

    Sitting by the pool, my hairy body dripping with sweat, I was debating going into the small 4-man sauna before I would head into the pool to cool down. I slowly walked over the hot tiles and peeked through the steamed-up window to see if anyone was already inside.

    As soon as I opened the wooden door, steam escaped in a short cloud. Stepping into the sauna, I could hear some shuffling and saw what appeared to be some clumsily covering up. There were 2 guys inside and both were naked, with their swimsuits laying across their laps. It didn’t take a detective to realise what they were doing, and I didn’t want to stop them, so as I took my seat between them, I told them to not let me disturb them. They both unhid their hard, sweaty cocks and carried on stroking whilst looking at each other. My eyes darted between them, watching them turning each other on as the room was getting hotter and hotter.

    The guy I thought was more attractive was sitting next to the door, looking out of the window to see if anyone was approaching. His eyes moved between the other guy in the sauna and the window, I could tell he was getting off on being watched. I caught him by the eye, and he looked straight back at me. He soon forgot about the other guy in there with us, who seemed to get soft quickly. He swiftly covered up and left the sauna leaving the two of us alone.

    As I stretched out, I noticed sweat was dripping from his short-styled hair down his face, onto his body and down onto his cock. He was virtually hairless which made him look completely golden and glowing from the heat. I looked his complete opposite – covered in hair, bearded with a shaved head.  But one thing we had in common was that we were both dripping sweat onto the wooden slats beneath us. Watching him was making my speedos tighten but I wanted to tease him so didn’t show what I was packing. The sound of his sweaty hand stroking his hard cock faster and faster filled the air around us only to be met with his heavy panting.

    His eyes were still locked with mine, my legs wide open but not showing off. I could see he was desperate to shoot his load at the sight of my throbbing cock, but I didn’t show him. His hand stopped stroking and he leant over gasping, trying to take in puffs of air but was met by the dry smoke from the coals. He leaned back, let his head hit the wooden boards behind him and stared at me. After a few moments his cock started going soft, he wasn’t touching it anymore. I winked at him and he smiled as he got up and left the sauna.

    I relaxed for a few moments by myself before having a cold shower to calm myself. I headed to the pool and slowly climbed down the stairs into the cool water, smiling to myself as I saw a familiar face heading back to his deck chair.

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