Hard On

    18/05/2019: When it comes to daddies, only one reigns supreme and that’s Rocco Steele. In person, you can really appreciate what a beast he really is. Our snouts were buried in the action, and we made sure to shove our way to get a good eye-full. Everybody wanted a piece of Daddy Rocco, so it’s lucky there was plenty of him to go around. Once the show was over, we were boiling hot under the collar and gagging for some action. Those testosterone-fuelled beats were the perfect soundtrack to grabbing ourselves a hunk to disappear around a dark corner with. Fooling around in the club has never been as hot, having the image of Steele’s throbbing member fresh in your mind.

    Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP

    Photos by Zefrographica