Those nasty sex pigs at Lucas Raunch, the hardcore sleaze line from Lucas Entertainment, want it harder, they want it faster and they want it rougher.

    And that’s exactly what they get in this XXX-rated fuck fest! However, by the time those meddling do-gooders at the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) have finished taking all the good bits out – sorry, we mean ‘protecting and empowering the public by way of censoring’ the movie, there will probably only be about ten minutes of footage left, and half of that will be the end credits!

    But we were lucky enough to see a preview before they got their hands on it and we now look at Seth Roberts, Jessy Ares, Trenton Ducati, Derek Parker, Adam Killian, Jesse Santana, Vito Gallo, Tom Wolfe, Billy Santoro, Sebastian Keys and Micah Brandt in a whole new light! Rafael Alencar is in it too, but we always knew he was a sleazy sex pig.