JDL for Leather!

    If you love a bit of leather play, you’ll want to hit up JDL, who produce some of the best skins in the business! We caught up with them to find out a bit more about what they offer, plus some of their own personal favourite products!

    What does JDL offer?

    A range of clothing and adult accessories for club and private use. We create and stock a wide range of leatherwear in quality skins and a whole range of sizes, from jocks and shorts to shirts and jeans. In addition JDL supplies all the usual restraints and collections of gear to satisfy medical and private fetish activities.

    What makes JDL different from other leather retailers?

    The ability to make and supply to individual design and size requirements, incorporating coloured leather strapping at lower prices and we post free in the UK!

    How long has JDL been trading for?

    Growing steadily for the last 15 years, right now we are concentrating now on speedy mail order!

    How did it get started?

    By visiting leather clubs and getting to know what individual requirements were, we started providing our own designs not available from the large suppliers.

    What’s your background? Have you always worked with leather?

    We have a technical background in industry and model making, with a practical ability to organise the machinery to work with leather and source the best components to assemble  the variety of equipment unique to this field.

    Recommend some of your favourite products!

    • Our latest “bulldog” harnesses in red, blue, yellow and white stripes on a black backing.
    • A range of collars, bicep and wrist straps in colours to compliment the harnesses.
    • A complete range of collars, ankle, wrist, and even thigh restraints specially made with padded edges and backs for comfortable, safe, but strong extended use.
    • A collection of silver and black handcuffs with chain or solid connectors.
    • Genuine medical grade pin wheels either loose or for finger fitting

    All these products, plus many more can be found at www.jdlforleather.co.uk