It makes sense that gay men would develop a wrestling fetish. I mean, it’s easily the most homoerotic sport on earth. Huge muscled bodies wearing tiny, form-fitting Spandex outfits, writhing and grasping at each other until one pounds the other into submission. That already sounds like the description for a Hot House scene to be honest. So it’s no surprise that there are some guys taking their love of a good grapple to the extreme and setting up gay wrestling events all over the globe.

    So aside from putting on a singlet and mounting another beefy bloke, is there anything else a guy really needs to know about wrestling? Well, unless you want to turn your living room into a ring, it wouldn’t hurt to find out the names of a few events in the UK. It would also be helpful to know where you can pick up some sexy-queer wrestling gear, as we’re guessing a Hulk Hogan Halloween costume won’t cut it.

    Eagle London host a night called SportsBolt which regularly have hot wrestling matches, often with hot porn stars who are open to letting anyone with the confidence to step into the ring have a go! This could be a great way to try it out and basically rub up against a proper fit bloke.

    Pervy purveryors Clone Zone stock a huge selection of wrestling singlets from big names like Barcode Berlin, Fetish Gear, MASKULO and Mr S. Some are standard issue but some are a bit racier, with cheeky cutouts on the rear for, well, use your imagination.

    Finally if you want to find other like-minded fellas for a private grapple session, try websites like Gaydar or Craiglist, or the masters of online fetish, Recon.com. Many have dedicated chatrooms or groups for those who fancy hitting the mat with other men.

    Getting into wrestling and finding like-minded individuals couldn’t be easier online! We’d reccomend visiting www.recon.com, setting up a profile, and getting down to it!