Hot House Exclusive Kyle King made his debut in King Size, reviewed in this month’s QXMEN. We caught with the sexy man when he was in London to promote the movie’s release.

    Hi Kyle, can you tell us how old you are please?

    I just turned 27 at the end of July.

    And where do you live?

    I grew up in the Bay Area and now I live in SOMA (South of Market) in San Francisco, California.

    So what brings you to London?

    Well I’m here to promote my first video release King Size. But I’m really excited to see London. I’ve heard so much about it – the night life is supposed to be wild and I hear the guys are hot and hung!

    What did you do before you started making porn?

    I was in school studying Landscape Architecture.


    How did you get into the industry?

    I hooked up with C.J. Knight (a former Hot House Exclusive). We met in a club and he took me to the place he was staying, the hotel where Hot House hosts their models. We had crazy sex all night long and woke up ready for more. We were going at it when the door flew open and there was the Hot House Casting Director. He saw what was going on and said I was hot. He asked me if I ever thought about doing porn. We started talking and he introduced me to Steven Scarborough. They signed me shortly after that!

    What was your first film?

    King Size.

    Were you nervous?

    I didn’t feel nervous until I got to the studio and my heart started beating a little faster. Luckily everyone on the set was really cool and I was paired up with a hot model named Dean Phoenix who has a lot of experience and he helped me through it.

    Do you find it easy to perform in front of the camera?

    Sure do… I love it. The more movies I’m in the easier it gets. The camera sort of becomes another person in the room when you’re having sex. You have to be conscious of it and knowing that it’s filming everything is a real turn on.

    Which studios have you worked with?

    I have worked with Hot House exclusively since the beginning. Everybody there is like family. They take care of me and make me look good!


    Which is your favourite movie that you’ve starred in?

    Definitely Skuff 4. I was put in the middle of these two huge muscle-bear type guys, Brendan and Luke Davies. They’re pumping me from both sides and all of the sudden it starts to rain – inside! It’s amazing. You have to see it!

    If you had the chance to direct a scene that you’re in and cast the other models, who would you choose and what would happen?

    I would cast myself with one of my fellow Hot House Exclusives, Paul Wagner (who I haven’t gotten a chance to work with – yet) and a real hot daddy-type top. Paul and I would be teammates in football gear and the daddy would be the footfall coach. At first the coach would watch me and Paul get it on, like strip each other out of our gear and jack off. Then the coach would walk in and catch us together and be all pissed off. He would verbally dominate us, you know, tell us what to do. Of course, the Coach would fuck us both… probably in the locker room shower… or the on the football field. That would be hot!

    Who’s the hottest TOP in the industry?

    I just worked in a new Hot House movie called Movers N Shakers with Rod Daily. He has a huge cock that just begs to be sucked and he throws a mean fuck. I get hard thinking about it!

    And the hottest BOTTOM?

    Well… in addition to me (laughs) I’d have to say the hottest bottom is new Hot House Exclusive Vince Ferelli. Have you seen him? He’s like 225lbs of muscle and he bends over and takes it like a man!

    Are you top, bottom or versatile?

    Well I joke about being the hottest bottom, but actually I’m versatile. I like being topped by big men with body hair, muscles and hard cocks. If I’m going to top I like the other guy to be my age or younger, athletic and good looking, but not a twink!

    What’s your favourite position?

    Doggie style… I’m old fashioned like that.

    Is it a turn on watching yourself performing on screen?

    I do not really watch myself on screen. When I watch porn I honestly enjoy straight porn a lot, as long as there is more than one guy and they are hot! I get off on gangbangs with tons of hot hung guys and one chick.


    So, what turns Kyle King on?

    I like athletic gear – a lot! Jockstraps and shoulder pads and singlets and cleats. You know, the kind of gear we wear in Locker Room. I’m in a scene with Hot House Exclusive Ethan Wolfe and Blu Kennedy. They are both so hot. Ethan has an enormous cock – like the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. And Blu is this totally cute, well-built red head with a big cock. The scene opens with me taking a piss and Ethan cruises me. Me and him start messing around and Blu catches us so me and Ethan dominate Blu and everybody does everybody. It’s so hot.

    What do you do to relax?

    Lift weights. Go to the beach. Read a book. Jerk off… Not necessarily in that order.

    What’s your favourite part of your body?

    Everybody seems to think I have a big cock. I guess I do. And I never get any complaints about my ass. My favorite body parts would be my ass, traps, and delts. I work really hard on developing my upper body. I think my shoulders are starting to look good.

    Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    I hope to continue studying Landscape Architecture. One day I’d like to have my own Landscaping business.

    If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you rush out and do?

    Visit my mom and sister and then get laid by my man.

    Finish this sentence. The best part about being a porn star is…

    … Getting to fuck hot guys who love sex just as much as I do.

    So, what’s next for Kyle King?

    My plan is to work for Hot House and in another year or so hopefully be full time in school and working towards a career in landscape design.

    Finally Kyle, describe yourself in three words.

    Masculine. Athletic. Horny.