Love poppers? It is going to be a great year!

    If you are not into poppers then this article might not be for you. For those that do, we have some news and information we’d like to share. There are so many brands, so we want to provide clarity on the best sellers, hardcore ones and what new ones have arrived and are still to come. So for those of you enjoying room aromas, leather cleaner etc these are the ones to look out for.

    The best-sellers.

    Having provided the UK with these goodies for a long time now we have a pretty good view on what sells well. We base the best seller’s status on those brands for which customers keep coming back. We find that when a customer likes a product they regularly return and by it again. On that basis Berlin XXX is the bestselling brand. Finding the one for you is a bit of a journey. Even though most customers love Berlin we have also had people that did not like it at all, so it is a bit of trial and error to find the one that hits your spot. Other popular poppers are; Fist, Jungle Juice, Power Rush, Red Bullet and PIG Red. Between these we are hopeful you will find a favourite. 

    New Kids on the block

    There have been many new room aromas launched in UK, not all of them made it to our store as they did not pass the quality test. For those that did we have seen some good feedback for Red Bullet in particular and also some of our imported poppers like BARE, Juic’d and Twisted Beast. All of these we think are a safe bet. We often hear people saying gay poppers but in our experience that is incorrect. We have many customers from all walks of life with different genders, sexuality, and identity. The interesting thing is that certain brands just appeal to everybody, no matter what, like Berlin for example. On the flipside it also applies, we have a brand called Original which is a firm favourite at the office and once people have used it they keep using it but somehow on first appeal customers seem to not connect with the product. I assume it might be the fact there is no branding, it simply is a brown bottle containing a potent formula. 

    For the hardcore lovers

    With so many poppers sold in the UK the most asked question is always which ones are the best or the most hardcore. As mentioned, we can’t predict how you enjoy some of our products. However, we do get emails and feedback from customers. Based on that we can conclude which poppers were perceived as strong. Some of the emails are rather explicit and I wish I could share them here, oh things we get up to ☺  Apart from Berlin other strong brands are Raw XXX, Original, Jungle Juice the European version, Alpha, Potent Blue and Twisted Beast.  Brands that are often used as a starting point are liquid gold poppers, Pure Gold and Rush. Don’t confuse Rush with Power Rush as they are very different. With Power Rush the winner in terms of popularity.

    Still to come

    We are always busy sourcing new products. This means our testers have plenty to try in the next few months. A few brands that have already past the testing phase and will be added to the store soon are BB leather cleaner and Amsterdam platinum, a European version of the UK Amsterdam. Both have passed “inspection” with flying colours so we can’t wait to introduce them to the UK. For those of you that want to keep up to date with new brands in the market just go to PopperSUPERshop and sign up to the newsletter. 

    I hope this has provided you with a little insight and maybe peaked an interest in a new brand to try out. If you are going to experiment with new brands the time is now as we have big offers on all multi and mixed packs. We offer fast delivery and ship to the UK only.