The future of toys, these will get you going big time! 


    The future of toys, these will get you going big time! 

    At esmale we make it our mission to ensure you get the best products for the right price and most importantly offer products that will please you just the way you like it. For many years our dildos for men collection has been the most popular section of the store, but times are changing! Customers want more than just an anal toy or a masturbator. Thankfully the manufacturers have been listening and there are some amazing new tools on the market that will take adult play to the next level. Here are a few that we feel you will love.

    The Hotoctopuss Jett.

    This is for all of those after a hands-free orgasm. It is like a penis vibrator and includes treble and base technology. The intensity of the vibrations are insane, and we challenge you to get to the final setting before you explode in a frenzy of pleasure. It is remote controlled so you could put someone else in charge of your manhood. Another bonus of the Jett being hands-free is that you can double up your play and pay some attention to bum fun. This way you enjoy stimulation at both ends, maximising the fun and ultimately resulting in a climax that is so much stronger than usual. 


    A party for your bum. 

    No longer do you have to do all the work when using anal toys. We have rotating, thrusting, and vibrating toys. All you need to do is enter the toy and enjoy. In particular the rotating dongs are a big success with some of them having a rotation span that will please most anal play lovers. Something slightly more delicate are the latest prostate massagers we have, a variety of them of them are waterproof making bath time extra special. These massagers are more U-shaped, and you insert them so they push against your P-spot. When activating the vibrations, you will start to enjoy some incredible sensations that can at times create an orgasm just by hitting the spot properly. In addition to all these technology-based products inflatable toys and fantasy shaped dongs are also very popular. When getting yourself ready to play don’t forget to prepare yourself with an anal douche and use some good lube and poppers, if that is your thing.  


    Shockingly good! 

    Ever considered playing with toys that provide electro stimulation? Initially I thought this would be painful, especially the urethral sounding, but it actually is tantalisingly good. You can of course increase the voltage a lot so it would become more intense but for some, that kind of “pain” is actually pleasure. The collection we have caters for front and back-end pleasure so there is something for everybody. You can easily charge the products ready for your next session. 

    In addition to the above we experience a real improvement in the quality of the toys we are being offered by supplier. Not only is there increased functionality but the quality of the materials on the nontechnology products have also improved. In some product ranges it might affect the price slightly but ultimately it ensures that the items last must longer so you are really getting better value for your money. Our gay underwear, fashion and fetish areas have also been influenced in a positive way. Better and more environmentally friendly materials are being introduced which is great. 

    All you have to do now is set aside some time for some great adult play and show your body how much you love to pleasure it. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to contact us. We have great group of people waiting to help you. You can contact us through

    With love

    Team esmale