Northwich Sauna

    If you’re in Northwich and fancy having one slung up you, slinging one up someone else or even just knocking one out in a steam room, then stop by the Northwich Sauna! It’s got everything you’d need for a horny pitstop, including a nice bubbly jacuzzi, the aforementioned steam room, sunbeds, massage rooms and even a moodily lit walkway where you can pick up a friend or five!

    Plus inbetween making new groin buddies, you can have a lovely hot cuppa in the coffee shop and catch up on your correspondence with the venue’s free internet!

    There’s no membership required and they’re open seven days a week between 11am and 8pm.  All the money you need to bring is your admission price, plus any additional cash you may require to purchase drinks, snacks etc.


    11am to 5pm : £14

    After 5pm : £10

    (Last admission 7:30pm)

    You get yourself one towel on entry and can have another on request. Additional towels are charged at 50p, per towel. They can supply larger towels for those that fancy one. If, however, you prefer to use your own then feel free!


    You must keep some form of clothing or a towel around your waist whilst in the coffee shop areas. Nobody wants testes in their tea! But whilst you’re splashing about in the “wet areas” or elsewhere it’s up to you. Some guys keep a towel around their waist, occasionally guys will wear swimwear, shorts, or other, whilst others prefer to be naked wherever possible.


    The minimum entry age is 18. If you are 18 or over but look younger (lucky devils) then please bring some form of photographic I.D. You will be asked for it! If you have never been to a sauna before, let the staff know in advance if you want (by phone) or tell them on entry and they will gladly show you around (after paying admission price). If you want to be met outside this can also be arranged (ie. meet in the car park and you will be shown into reception).


    Northwich Sauna is located at  Winnington Lane, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 4GX. For further information check out