26/10/2019: We’re still REELING from this month’s Sex Circus. It was pumping muscled flesh as far as the eye could see. Fire was one bit of sexual depravity, and we were taking in every second of it. It’s clear that the summer body is here to stay in gay London. We spent so much the night gawking at those gogo boys that we almost didn’t grab ourselves a boy to kiss. Almost. The live shows at Sex Circus are truly something else. Gabriel Phoenix and Allen King were on top form, and our chin was sopping wet from the drooling we’d been doing. It was way past five by the time that we crawled out of Fire and for that, we have to blame those muscle gays. They have nothing but stamina. Dear LORD. A couple were already prepping for an after-party.

    Fire & Lightbox Complex, Vauxhall SW8 1RT

    Photos by F D Photo