Solo Fun… Give Yourself Some Great Times!

    “Playing” with yourself is not a thing that many men actually do we have found. Sure, a good wank and watching porn are past times most of us enjoy. What we mean with solo play is to really take a some time out and pleasure yourself towards the most amazing orgasms. Some feedback from customers has indicated that there can still be some sort of embarrassment or uncomfortable feeling around setting aside time for a good session with yourself. To that we say, don’t! Treating your mind and body to some intense good feelings is great and highly recommended.

    Here are a few ways to put a big smile on your face.

    The double!

    The double is when you stimulate your cock and your anus at the same time. Some of the best orgasms can come from this. Basically, all you need is an anal toy and a masturbator. The anal toy can be a dildo or a butt plug, but the idea is that it needs a strong suction cup. Get yourself relaxed and maybe have an anal douche before you start play. Let’s say you have chosen a dildo for play, now go to a place in your home where there is either a flat surface or wall. Ensure that you have applied plenty of lube on the dildo and bum and stick it on the floor or shower wall. Gently insert the dildo and slowly start riding it till it fits comfortable. Enjoy the ride for a bit and get your masturbator out, for best effect we recommend a Fleshjack. With these you can control how strong you want the suction to be. All that you have to do now is ride the dildo has hard as you want whilst slamming your salami with your masturbator. We promise you that the feeling is awesome and your orgasm super intense!

    Bath time

    Hard day at work? Get yourself home and prepare a nice bath. In addition to a nice book and maybe a glass of wine, also take with you a waterproof Vibrator or prostate massager. Some of these toys have 10 different settings that will give your P-spot (male G-spot) some serious loving. Relax yourself into the bath and insert the prostate massager, let it settle in and push it against your P-spot. With an easy to use button you can change the intensity of the vibrations. Tip; go slow! Take your time, use setting one, have a sip of your wine and enjoy a chapter of your book. Slowly ramp up the settings till you slowly make yourself crazy and you just HAVE to orgasm. It really is the best thing after a hard day, it will ease you into your evening brilliantly. Make sure that the toy you use is waterproof.   

    Electro Sex

    A fan favourite with many variations to it. You can treat yourself to some shocking anal sex. Again, slowly increase the intensity of the electro shocks. Another option is electro sex masturbation, this is great! If you have never tried an electro masturbator then we can seriously recommend it. Now for a more “extreme” way of getting yourself in a complete and utter frenzy, try electric sounding. Sounding is inserting a sound into you’re the urethra (the hole in the head of your penis). For many this might be a new way of pleasuring yourself, so start small and stop when uncomfortable. Electro sounds provide shocks to the inside of your penis. This feeling is something else. It does in no way feel like any other sexual activity but my goodness, your orgasm will make your whole-body shake. Experienced sounders can even reach their prostate which provides even more satisfaction.

    So, there you have it. Three great ways to play with yourself and each will put a big smile on your face. With the winter months ahead, you will not want to go out anymore.

    As always, when things hurt or get uncomfortable, stop! Unless it is the good kind of hurt.

    With love,

    Team esmale!

    For more information on the above feel free to contact with any questions you might have. You can also get the best products in this gay sex shop for amazingly good time!