SexCircus is Back!

    Celebrating its 5th birthday this coming June

    One of London’s most notorious sex/fetish events is swinging back into town.It’s become an integral part of the gay party calendar, known for its super hot guest performers and major tunes!

    We got HEAD RINGMASTER Martin Rab to tell us more.

    Hey Martin – you must be EXCITED!  A little birdie tells us there’s a special celebration coming up?

    OMG I really CANNOT wait! I still can’t believe it’s been five years, and boy do I have one hell of a party planned for you all!

    What have you been up to this year?

    Busy, busy, busy. After our amazing tenth sold out party in March, I’ve been planning all the treats and surprises that you have to look forward to next month for the birthday party.

    So SexCircus is BACK next month and turning 5! What can we expect from the birthday?

    Well I don’t want to give away too much, but I can tell you there will be HOT CIRCUS PERFORMERS, SEXIEST GOGO’s and our biggest Live Show to date with over 15 of the WORLD’S ELITE PORNSTARS!  Plus the launch of our official new clothing & fetish sponsor ‘Dark Room’ with lots of giveaways

    Why is it important to keep sex/fetish parties alive?

    I think it is so important to cater for anyone and everyone, from gay to bi to trans to straight to drag, and give them a safe and exciting space to be who they want and explore their fantasies.  What we set out to do from the beginning was create a sex/fetish party that is inclusive of EVERYONE and I am very proud to say that we really have achieved something for everyone.

    And what’s in store for the future?

    There’s so much more in store. We’re just getting bigger and bigger and after 5 years and 10 parties,  there’s no stopping us. I would just like to take this opportunity to say the biggest thank you to all our loyal followers who have made Sexcircus what it is today. Plus all my boys from the porn world who just make it so much fun and of course the DJs, hosts, dancers and everyone else that has made it possible to say…Happy 5th Birthday Sexcircus!

    Sexcircus celebrates its fifth birthday on Saturday 29th June at Fire, Arch 39-43, Parry Street, SW8 1RT. 10pm – 6am. Tickets available from