The Male G-Spot… Fact or Fiction?

    Your prostate, you know the mini egg-sized gland between the bladder and penis, is for many, a no-go area! But for lots of guys, exploring the prostate can be an exciting journey in achieving the ultimate orgasm. Fancy one too? Read on and thank us later!

    The G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot, has been well documented in various trusted media outlets such as the Guardian, Men’s Health and many more so we can confidently assume that the G-spot is in fact, a fact!

    So, now that we know that it is there, the million-dollar questions are; how do we get there and what do we do with it?

    According to Gavin, Product Tester at, an orgasm that originates from your prostate is more of a full body experience. In addition to the usual feelings you get from an isolated orgasm, you get a strong tingly sensation all over your body. It’s a much more intense orgasm and who doesn’t want that? Bear in mind that a prostate orgasm requires more time and energy, but it is all worth it in the end.

    How to work your G-spot?

    The prostate is about three-quarter of a finger length inside your ass and feels similar to a walnut. It is not as far deep as you think. Take it easy when you go in, massage your hole, relax and get comfortable. Let your body do to the talking. Once you are there, you are there. It’s not about going in and out, but more about massaging the gland once you’re in there. Moving your finger around in circles is also worth a try or the old “come here” finger movement. Take your time working it, this orgasm is not a rush job.

    Another great way to work and hit your G-spot is with a prostate massager. These are most of the time already curved to find the G-spot. Go for a vibrating one and gently work the prostate all the way there.

    Essential Tips:

    Use water based lube, the anus is not self-lubricating so apply lube and keep adding lube for continued comfort.

    Size: when using a prostate massager go for a vibrating one and note that bigger is not perse better, remember the G-spot is only small. Big can be great if you enjoy a more “filled up” feeling.

    Douche: before enjoying anal play and avoid messiness clean the area and ideally have an anal douche.

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