Wolf Spa Nottingham

    Wolf Spa Nottingham is a discrete space for the alpha male that takes time to look after himself. Their commitment to diversity welcomes all ethnicities, sexual preferences and tribes. We had a chat with owner Andrew about what makes them the leader of the pack!

    How long has Wolf Spa been running? We heard you might have a birthday coming up…

    Wolf Spa as a business was established in 2013 in Bournemouth – Wolf Spa Bournemouth is still running and it was decided to branch out further afield in 2017 – The old Reflections Sauna in Nottingham became available and was taken over in November 2017. After renovations it was re-opened as Wolf Spa Nottingham in April 2018.

    What makes Wolf Spa such a great spot for guys in Nottingham?

    Wolf Spa Nottingham is the epitome of our ethos in so far as it is safe, small and discrete. We believe that everyone has a right to their own space – we are a “locals” Spa, where clients can either just pop in for a few minutes and use the sauna, steam room or spa tub or else they can spend several hours using our facilities.

    Tell us about your facilities

    Wolf Spa Nottingham offers Sauna, Steam Room, Spa Tub, Outdoor smoking/chill out area plus various chill out areas around the building where clients can either chill by themselves or with others. We also offer “Therapies For The Body & Soul” such as Massage, Manscaping (Body hair shaving/trimming & waxing) as well as body scrubs.

    Any upcoming events?

    Our next event is our Christmas and New Year Parties.

    What’s the best part of running Wolf Spa?

    Not knowing what is going to happen next.

    Wolf Spa Nottingham, 1 Kilbourn Street, Nottingham NG3 1BQ. Open from 12 noon to 10pm, 7 days a week. Entry prices at www.wolfspanottingham.co.uk