XXL Lumberjack

    15/12/2018: Flannel in Winter? GROUNDBREAKING. Well it was Lumberjack night over at XXL, and we turned up in our best plaid shirt, but it seems these guys didn’t get the memo. They seemed to be very embarrassed to have committed such a faux pas, and kindly removed their shirts at around 2 am. The night’s bangers were provided courtesy of Pagano who always knows exactly what we want to hear when we’re grinding up on a big ‘ol bear. Having said that, no amount twerking to chunky beats were enough to seduce the guy we had our eye on. PLUS someone turned up in a damn suit that had us feeling terribly under-dressed. How DARE someone turn up looking so much better than us.

    Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, SE1 9UF

    Photos by Mark Storey