Mastery 5th Birthday

    One of London’s hottest and hardest Leather nights is turning five years old!

    Brew Hunter – possibly the sexiest London Leather Man around – first held a private MASTERY evening in 2013, attended by his boi and close Leather friends. The group of top London Leather/Rubber men and their bois, subs & cubs who attended, encouraged him to expand the event, and early in 2014, MASTERY had its public inauguration at East London’s original Leather Club – The Backstreet. Brew chose The Backstreet as it is a popular, intimate, highly-recognised and established venue in London which totally encourages intense, powerful social – and physical – interaction, and invites Leather Men, bikers, bois, subs, pups, cubs and Rubber players to meet and experience this high-protocol hard-play event.

    MASTERY now welcomes guests from all over the UK and the world to recreate the heady days of the classic Leather Clubs and attitude of the definitive days of the Leather Scene and Leather Men. MASTERY was conceived as a hardcore ‘Sex, S/Moke & Submission’ alternative evening to the large and mostly dance-oriented parties which are now such a popular and vibrant part of the ‘Fetish’ Scene.

    MASTERY has now continued a series of growingly-popular nights at THE BACKSTREET and will be celebrating five years of Brew’s phenomenal night. On Saturday 26th January GEAR LONDON will be holding a pre-party event at their amazing East London store, between 7 -10pm, with drinks, music and plenty of fetish surprises! Then it’s over to the Backstreet for a birthday party of epic proportions. Expect the utmost adherence to Leather traditions, ruggedly handsome men and eep masculine musical vibes from top USA DJ & producer M.Arana.

    And if that’s not enough of an incentive to head over, check out these DELECTABLE images of Brew and a boi in action. Why wouldn’t you wanna be that boi?

    MASTERY 5th Birthday is on Saturday 26th January at The Backstreet (Wentworth Mews, Mile End, London E3 4UA) from 10pm – 3am. £15/£10 members.