In the latest medical fantasy from Hot House, the studio that brought us Paging Doctor Finger and Trust Me I’m A Doctor, the doctors, nurses and patients all want a dose of Hard Medicine. 


    Sexy Doctor Derek Atlas has a hot patient, bald bad-ass Coby Mitchell, who’s been finding it hard getting it up.

    After checking his vitals, Dr Derek takes advantage of the situation and suggests that anal stimulation might be the answer to Coby’s issues. Unsure of what the doctor has in mind, Coby gets on all fours on the examination table and the horny doctor gets to work on Coby’s hole with his tongue, fingers and cock! Handsome medical Assistant Dylan Knight and co-worker Chris Bines have an hour to kill before their shift shows up early at the office.

    An expert cocksucker, Dylan gets Chris super hard before taking a pounding with his leg up on Chris’s shoulder. Chris bends Dylan over a desk and takes him from behind, and the desk provides the perfect angle for Chris to plow his butt deep and hard. Colton Grey is waiting to see sexy blond doctor Gavin Waters, and it’s clear he’d like him to examine the hard dick under his shorts.

    Dr Gavin spends his time examining Colton’s engorged member and thinks he has a solution to it being swollen all day: a blow job and a deep pounding fuck to his insatiable asshole, that’s what! Armond Rizzo is a frequent patient of Dr Sean Zevran. Why?

    Because Dr Zevran always knows just the right treatment to use which usually involves a deep digital insertion with his fingers, followed by a probing with a stainless steel ball, a serious face fucking by the good doctor’s rock hard, thick dick culminating with the final part of the treatment, Armond taking said cock up his round bubble butt… You can’t get that kind of treatment on the NHS!

    • Hard Medicine is available from www.HotHouse.com