Award winning director Tony Dimarco takes us into the ‘Sex Pad’, an upmarket high-rise apartment of discreet decadence. It’s a sexual hideout full of hungry cocksuckers, power bottoms and hung tops who know how to make guys beg for it. They ‘play it forward’ by passing the key onto their latest trick, so he can enjoy his next steamy, anonymous conquest there. 


    Key holder Austin Wolf wants to get nasty with co-worker Nicoli Cole and his massive, muscled physique and thick dick inspire Nicoli to assume any position that lets Austin fuck him deeper. Inheriting the key, wavy-haired Nicoli invites Ryan Rose up to the pad. Nicoli’s hot gymnast’s body calls for full body contact, deep penetration and massive cum shots and Ryan gladly obliges.

    Handsome and masterful Ryan uses the key to lure Dorian Ferro, a stud whose trophy-worthy arse takes any sexual encounter to a whole other level, and slams him hard and fast in a stand out performance. Dorian gets Colt Rivers over to the pad and after some cock jousting they trade knee trembling blowjobs. Colt snags long haired, blond slacker Tom Faulk for the final tryst.

    Tom is completely content letting Colt pig out on his juicy cock, and although Tom’s the top, Colt’s in charge, and makes sure his hole gets the pounding he wants. Get your key to the ‘Sex Pad’ and watch see these six ripped studs let it all hang out and go wild.

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