Get Nearly Bollock Naked EVERY Sunday

    There’s something about those brand spanking new pair of undies that makes you just want to show them off. Why spend on that gorgeous pair of underwear, that makes your junk look bulbous and your behind look peachy AF, and not show it off? When you’ve got it, flaunt it! Sure you could take a selfie and post it on your Insta/Twitter/Grindr/Scruff/Christian Mingle, but we’re sure no picture could quite do you justice. That’s why you head down to Nearly Bollock Naked, where you’re asked to saunter over in your boxers, briefs, jocks and whatever else you fancy for some hot action.

    The beauty of NBN is that you’re joining the party halfway through, so no awkward lingering waiting for the party to get going, you can join just when the action is heating up. Those gentlemen who prefer an outing in the buff have been mingling all afternoon, and now it’s your turn to join the party in your undies. From 6 pm the party is handed over to those of us who are really into our underwear, which is really most gay men. Try looking at Bieber in his Calvin’s or Mark Walberg strutting down the catwalk grabbing his crotch and tell us you wouldn’t like to bury your face in those tighty whities.

    Nearly Bollock Naked is that brand of cruising where you can be a little coyer, keeping something back for that one guy who’s caught your eye. There’s still that bit of whipping it out which just gives you that carnal rush you’ve been waiting all week for. Just check in your modesty at the door and let yourself indulge in your kinky side by getting down in a club full of like-minded guys.

    Fire Main Entrance, South Lambeth Place, SW8 1RT. Every Sunday. 6 pm – 10 pm. Members £14, guests £17. Includes 1st drink and coat check. Claim your free membership at