British studio Bulldog XXX is continuing to reinvent itself and expand into new ranges but, more importantly, find the hottest new studs and sexiest fuckers from all over Europe.

    With the boundaries of porn constantly being pushed towards the ‘sleazier and filthier’, Bulldog XXX’s response is to pull out all the stops with a new range called Sex Pit!

    Bulldog XXX producer and director, Maxwell B is dedicated to giving us new, edgy and hornier porn to get our cocks dripping, and he’s planning to launch the range with a bang! Or several as the first film will doubtless prove.

    With a series called Sex Pit! Maxwell B wanted to go for realism and shoot in genuine sex venues using real local talent. So, where better to find an array of sleazy establishments and gorgeous men on tap than Paris! “Paris is full of great, sleazy locations and heaps of fucking totty,” Maxwell commented when we caught up with him on location at L’Impact Bar on Rue Greneta in gay Paris.

    “Whenever I come here, my tongue drags along the floor. Every street corner you turn there’s sexy men – and the bars and sex clubs are full of ‘em! I even spotted a grave digger at the local cemetery who looked like he’d just stepped off a Calvin Klein add – I nearly fell down a fucking grave hole!” Maxwell joked.

    “We’ve also got this fab location, The Impact Bar. It’s a great venue for a filthy pig film. They’ve got glory holes, slings, piss rooms, all kinds of nooks and crannies for degrading filth to take part in,” he said with a cheeky grin.

    We certainly can’t argue with Maxwell’s choice of hot talent in the maiden film called Sex Pit Sluts! which will be released and reviewed in QXMEN in February.

    The cast is positively bursting with local Parisian stunners, including seasoned pros like Fred Faurtin and the up-and-coming David Castan and his on and off screen partner, Nicolas Torri. Beefy, hung Greg David also makes an appearance together with Brice Farmer, who have both built up a huge fan base in recent years.

    Maxwell was quick to praise the standards of the French cast. French men are the sexiest in the world as far as I’m concerned. I love them… I’ll even shag the ugly ones. They’re such dirty fuckers too, always up for anything.

    They do everything you ask them too and they really don’t have many boundaries. The accent, the dusky features, the great natural looking bodies, and even the attitude. It all adds up to a real nice look that I think many fans appreciate.”

    And we needed no proof of this as, just as Maxwell is relaying us his praise, a photo shoot is going on with hot new-comer, Anton Knight slobbering over Nicolas Torri’s arse, before ramming his tongue deep inside it with a moan of pleasure for the camera.


    Maxwell also decided to import some fresh new faces to the mix, flying in fresh meat in the form of Ivan Rueda and Robin Hole from Barcelona. With a reputation for always having a good mix of European studs – made up of filthy men and sleazy lads – Maxwell’s always on the lookout for fresh, eye-catching guys who really get your attention.

    Ivan Rueda is tipped to gain a lot of attention as the new face of 2009 after Maxwell B’s collaborator, Simon Booth, used him in his debut film, Party Boy, which will be released by Eurocreme in the Spring. “Simon is always finding new, young talent,” Maxwell told us. “He’s a really good scout for crumpet and casts them really well.

    Ivan was perfect as a young face for Eurocreme but Simon could see his image changing with the addition of new tattoos and the devious, sleazy twinkle in his eye, so he suggested we should graduate him quickly to the Sex Pit! range”.

    Trying out 19-year-old Ivan in a Bulldog XXX movie was a bit of a gamble, as the range tends to use guys in their mid twenties through to late thirties. But judging by the performance we witnessed of young Ivan on set, sucking cock like there was no tomorrow and getting his tight, virgin-like arse hole stretched and fucked, this is a lad who, we suspect, will grow into a true, filthy-minded professional.

    Maxwell was clearly getting a bit hot under the collar shooting Ivan getting a good pounding by seasoned co-star, Fred Faurtin. The young novice’s energy levels were on a high and he kept playing with Fred in-between takes, chewing his nipples and licking his pits to keep Fred hard. All the while, the crew watching on as they tried to eat their lunch.

    “Ivan’s got bags of stamina and spunk in his balls,” Maxwell told us proudly, munching on his pizza, “This is his second scene today and he’s already spunked once, and he’s ready to whack his load again this afternoon for sure!”,,,