Once you enter the barracks, you’re at the mercy of your superiors. Whether it’s strict inspections, strip searches or harsh punishments for insubordination – you have to take what you’re given without any argument!


    Finding any excuse to drop to his knees, slim recruit Kamyk Walker wastes no time in working his lips around sergeant Matt Anders’ thick dick, that’s already rock hard and standing to attention.

    Then without any warning the strapping sergeant pulls Kamyk up onto the desk, tongues his puckered hole and plunges his meaty, throbbing cock deep into Kamyk, pounding and stretching the young recruit’s smooth, wet hole.

    Chilling on his bunk, tattooed Charley Cole is playing deep inside his standard issue shorts when Sergeant Dave London walks in and catches him mid-stroke.

    He’s ordered to strip and suck the sergeant’s solid slab of meat before being flipped around to be fucked, Sergeant London pumps softly at first, relishing the tightness of Charley’s hole, but he soon ramps up the speed and Charley clings onto the bed and bites the mattress as he’s pounded hard by his superior.

    Taken to his new room, dark haired Alexis Belfort is instructed by beefy Sergeant Bruno Fox to make the bed – “NOW!” As he leans over to perform his task, the horny sergeant catches a glimpse of Alexis’s smooth arse crack. Like a man possessed, he forces his thick member balls deep into Alexis, stretching his sphincter to near snapping point with the thickest dick he’s had in his young life.

    Unfortunately for Alexis, his struggling and protests make Bruno’s cock harder and thicker and only encourage the brute to fuck harder and faster until eventually he pulls out and shoots over the spent recruit. Sergeant Killian James eyes new recruit, tiny tattooed twink, Cory Prince up and down.

    Not one for tattoos on his boys the strict officer orders the nervous lad to strip bollock naked so he can see just how many he really has.

    Liking what he sees, Sergeant James tells Cory he’ll forgive the ink if he performs well, and glances down at the growing bulge in his trousers. Not wanting to be out on his ear, Cory slurps on his superior’s thick cut dick before things step up a gear and Sergeant James fucks the new recruit over desk, before spraying him with his load.

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