Juggling his job as a paperboy while searching for a boyfriend is no mean feat for cute young paperboy Lucas. And with a sleazy boss taking advantage of his workforce, and friends and colleagues out to get what they can from him, Lucas still holds out hope for something more meaningful than just sex. Packed full of hot young totty, the likes of sexy scally Felipe Capuco and cutie Lucas Phelps, and older, dashingly handsome guys like Kayden Gray and Parker Marx, PaperBoy shows the quiet streets of suburbia are actually a hotbed of deception and exploitation.


    Tanned and tattooed hottie Felipe Capuco has been caught stealing from the shop by Gabriel Phoenix and his punishment is to perform sexual favours out the back. Gabriel strips out of his clothes and gets his juicy dick serviced by olive skinned scally Felipe. He wants a go on Felipe’s arse but Felipe’s having none of it and bends his boss over goes in balls deep.

    Lucas Phelps is chatting with his mate and fellow paperboy Charley Cole, telling him about the new sexy older man on his paper round. Charley’s dick is rock hard and so is his mate’s and soon the hairless young lads are naked and fucking each other on the sofa. Dmitry Osten is searching for a job to get off his mate’s couch when said mate, Kayden Gray, comes in asking what’s up.

    Eager to unload the spunk he’s got weighing his balls down, Kayden takes him upstairs. Whipping out that giant dick of his, Kayden wants it fully serviced and Dmitry struggles to breath as he takes as much of the monster down his throat as he can. Kayden then turns his attention to Dmitry’s peachy arse and fucks the hapless lad into the bed!

    There’s a solo wank scene next, something we usually fast-forward through, but the star of this one is hot totty Felipe Capuco and he could be cutting his toenails and we’d still find it arousing! Lucas can’t quite squeeze the newspaper through the hot new guy’s letterbox and is ushered inside after ringing the bell.

    Parker Marx is the tall, dark, muscular man every paper boy dreams of having on his round, and he joins Lucas on the sofa after finishing his phone call. His intent is obvious and Lucas knows what’s coming and can‘t wait! Taking him upstairs, Parker is pleasantly surprised by the huge slab of meat his paperboy carries with him every day and devours it like a hungry Alsatian.

    Working on his boy, the handsome stud can’t keep the smile off his face, and Lucas lays back enjoying every second that he’s in Parker’s control. Next Parker takes the lead and works his thick shaft into the Lucas’s tight hole and Lucas squats over him for perfect access straight up and deep inside.

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