Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada of the United State, is a winter playground where handsome, horny studs go for intense skiing and snowboarding holidays. But some guys go there just for the sex, and that’s exactly what these eight Falcon men are there for, under the direction of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond.

    We’re greeted by the delicious sight of Landon Conrad and Tyler Wolf in an outdoor hot tub in scene one. They make out in the steaming water before moving into the bedroom where Tyler gets straight to work on Landon’s rock hard cock.

    When Tyler arches his back and thrusts his arse into the air, Landon fucks him and then sprays a blizzard of cum all over his face. Every man likes playing with himself when he’s naked, and it’s at these times that he’s most vulnerable to seduction.

    That is the basis of Ray Diaz’s strategy for bedding Trystan Bull. Trystan, however, has no idea he’s the object of Ray’s desires and so when he’s having a soapy wank in the bath he’s completely unaware that Ray is lurking around the corner, wrapped in a towel, watching.

    Ray is single-minded about what he wants and when Trystan gets into bed he literally fucks himself on his buddy’s cock at every speed, every angle – and every intensity – until the horny bugger has worn a groove in his prostate!

    Angel Rock and Jackson Taylor get caught in a snowstorm and, back at the lodge, share body heat to keep warm? They can’t have been that cold though as the guys are soon naked on the couch with Jackson straddling Angel’s face like a saddle, spreading his tight, smooth but, so Angel’ can tongue his puckered hole. Grasping Jackson’s tiny waist in two hands, Angel guides him to his waiting cock and fucks him to a breathless climax.

    Jimmy Durano and Shawn Wolfe are taking a bath together and sucking each other’s cocks. They soon start to fuck, with Jimmy sitting and Shawn lowering his arse onto his cock. Then once Shawn’s hole loosens up, he leans forward, braces himself and lets Jimmy take him from behind and pound his arse.


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