Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the travelling circus when it rolls into town? Well, director Tony Dimarco is going to show you as he cracks the ringmaster’s whip at Raging Stallion’s greatest sex show on earth!

    Circus strong man, and current QXMEN lust object, Rogan Richards is checking himself out in the mirror when he spots something in the mirror. It’s Logan Vaughn on his knees and he’s sucking Leo Domenico’s cock. Rogan heads on over and joins the guys to create a three-ring circus of their own. Logan and Leo team up to suck and rim Rogan. Then Logan gets on all fours in the middle of Leo and Rogan and his hole and mouth remain filled with cock for the rest of the scene.

    Acrobats Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are a bear cub lover’s wet and hairy dream. They’re practicing a routine wearing body-hugging singlets when Josh says he has an idea. He climbs a rope ladder and hangs upside-down so his cock is at Jimmy’s eye level and vice-versa, and they face-fuck each other in a suspended 69.

    Next, and showing off their acrobatic skill to the max, Jimmy suspends himself from the ladder so his furry hole is poised directly over Josh’s tongue ansd Josh dives in to taste Jimmy’s arse. Then abandoning the ladder, they grab some heavy ropes hanging from the ceiling, and fuck.

    Genesis Luna is feeling horny so he heads over to the props tent, pulls out his dick and starts jerking off. Leo Domenico, who’s asleep in an empty lion’s cage nearby, is woken up by Genesis’ groans and gets an immediate hard on. Genesis goes down on him and then does a back flip, pushing his tight, round buns in Leo’s direction like a cat on heat. Leo doesn’t need any more persuading he sinks his stiff cock deep into Genesis’ hungry hole until Genesis shoots his load.

    Flame-haired Circus bearded man James Jamesson has a secret talent. He can suck his own cock, and that’s exactly what he’s doing when circus performer Dale Cooper comes in. Dale quickly gets out of his clothes as he wants what James is having, and what follows are some amazing ‘sleight-of-cock’ tricks you won’t be seeing at the circus anytime soon.


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