At the start of the film, Paddy O’Brian tells us that he loves being a copper. His dad was a cop, his grandfather was a cop and, although Paddy loves keeping the criminal element at bay, he tells us that there are plenty of bad cops out there too…

    18-year-old Beau Samuels is getting touched up in his bedroom by hunky copper, Randy Jones. The sexy, young lad is already just in his underwear and soon Randy’s police uniform comes off.

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    Then comes the scene that we’ve been waiting for… It’s rare nowadays that we get excited about a solo scene but ever since we heard that Paddy O’Brian sticks a truncheon up his arse in this film we’ve been dying to see it.

    And we weren’t disappointed. Watching the sexy East End lad wanking his cock and sliding a butt plug and then a truncheon up his tight hole until he shoots his load was enough to make this seasoned porn pro shoot his load for the second time!


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