Handsome, young and full of cum, Danny Montero has travelled to London from Mexico to hang out with his hung buddy Kayden Gray. It’s a long way to come for a dirty weekend so Danny makes sure he packs in as much sex as is humanly possible!


    He arranges to meet Kayden at a photo shoot where he’s modelling skimpy underwear. The sight of Kayden’s toned physique and the outline of his huge shlong through the tight pants is enough to make any man drop to his knees, and in no time Danny’s licking his mate’s body all over and riding his thick 9.5 incher.

    Danny’s takes a day trip to the seaside city of Brighton and when he stops at a bar for a quiet drink, barman Johny Cruz shuts up early so he can have a go on the new guy in town! Johny knows how to get fucked, and Danny loves his first topping experience in the UK.

    With his buddy busy in Brighton, Kayden busies himself with American jock Jonah O’Pry. As Kayden pounds away at his butt it’s obvious that Jonah’s never had a cock quite so big and soon he’s squirting jets of spunk while Kayden’s still inside him.

    On Danny’s last day in the UK a chance encounter on the street with young Brute Club ends up with the two lads stripped naked in Brute’s hotel room. Brute wants there to be zero friction on his giant cock when he fucks Danny so he pushes his fingers deep into his random shag’s puckered, dark skinned hole, stretching his shute wide open.

    Then, positioning him in front of the mirror, Brute ensures he gets every angle possible to show off his tight, muscled torso getting sweaty up against Danny’s smooth olive skin.

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