Bound and blindfolded, these hapless young men are at the mercy of their masked abductors, eager to use and abuse their prey and submit them to an onslaught of giant dicks and sweaty pits. From milky white twinks to hairy young men, no one is safe from the masked men who take what they want, get what they were after, leaving their victims covered in cum, sweat and spit.


    Johannes Lars’ abductor, muscled stud Killian James, plans to use the blond twink as his plaything, and once stripped he proceeds to lick his milky smooth skin from head to toe, tasting every inch of his body ending at his big twink dick, which Killian laps up, swallowing it to the base. Johannes is taken hard and fast when Killian slides his big cut cock into his arse, prepped with minimal spit to add to his victim’s discomfort.

    Johannes can’t go anywhere and submits to Killian’s will. The muscled man owns the boy completely and Johannes knows it. Hung twink Charley is blindfolded and tied down, kept there by his masked tormentor, tattooed top AJ Alexander. He’s taking his time, and his pleasure, working his boy over, teasing him with his lips and sucking on his big dick, until he decides it’s time to untie him. Hungry for dick, Charley is given the opportunity to enjoy AJ’s thick long shaft when he slaps it over his boys face.

    Turning his attention to Charley’s arse, AJ fucks his boy into the floor and then, keeping control, bounces Charley on top, ensuring his full length goes balls deep. Hooded and tied to a chair, young twink Cory Prince is at the mercy of muscled hunk Matthew Anders. Nervously he sucks the tip of his tormentor’s stiff thick dick and Matt loosens his ropes and takes off his blindfold.

    Cory’s the perfect twink to use and soon Matt’s exploiting his arse hard and fast slipping a finger or two deep inside, loosening him up and preparing the twink for the arse pounding he’s going to get. Devil-masked Kayden Gray licks young Gabriel Phoenix’s face, before shoving it into his hairy sweaty pit and then his arse crack, showing his sub exactly who’s in charge.

    His toned body flexes and pumps as his slides his monstrous member into Gabriel’s arse, holding him by the face and pulling him back, making sure his sub lad takes every last inch inside, hitting places that Gabriel never knew existed! Holding his hole open for even wider access, Kayden spits and fucks and uses Gabriel like the play thing he is, pinning him to the mattress and holding him in his muscled arms… This sub lad’s not going anywhere until Kayden’s shot his load, and when he does it’s a thick heavy load that coats Gabriel’s hairy abs and chest.

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