From Lucas Entertainment cums the dressed-up sex fantasy, After Hours, a pornographic exploration of cruising men in suits, over five scenes filmed entirely on location in Berlin, Germany.

    First up and it’s Jonathan Agassi and Scott Carter and when these two executives get overheated, they retreat from the streets of Berlin so Scott can deep throat Jonathan’s beautiful cock, before he jackhammers Scott’s tight hole.

    Harry Louis and Jay Roberts are up next and begin their after hours action on a subway platform where their business can be seen for the voyeuristic pleasure of anyone walking by! Soon Jay’s hole is wet and loose and it’s ready for Harry’s nine inches of thick meat and he pounds Jay’s hole until they shoot all over Jay’s sweaty body.

    We catch up with Lucio Saints and Mike Colucci and they’re already in the middle of a hot fuck on their apartment’s balcony. Once they move inside Mike sucks on Lucio’s huge cock until it’s hard and he pounds Mike’s muscle butt for all it’s worth.

    Jordan Fox and Giuseppe Pardi feature next and after a long, hard day at the office, the two young executives take turns choking on each other’s cocks before Jordan shoves his face into Giuseppe’s muscular ass. When it’s nice and wet, Jordan slides his piece up Giuseppe’s hungry hole for an intense pounding.

    Harley Everett and Brice Farmer are the final two studs who meet on a dark and windy night in Berlin. Before you know it, the suits come off and Brice has Harley’s huge cock in his hot, wet mouth. After a long suck session, Harley ravages Brice’s tight, tasty butt and then pounds his open hole several times making sure Brice knows who’s boss.


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