Skylar Blu cost his squad the match and now he has to pay the price!

    Watch as each of his fit, young five-a-side team mates take their frustration out on both of Skylar’s tender holes. But poor Skylar’s ordeal isn’t over because when four guys from the team that beat them find him nursing his bruised and battered arse in the showers, they take advantage of his vulnerable state and use his holes for their pleasure right then and there!

    When Skylar’s team mates corner him in the changing room after the match and tell him he’s got to pay, he gets down on his knees and starts sucking their cocks.

    But it’s not long before young Skylar is stripped naked and put on the physio bench, looking like a lamb just before it’s ceremonially slaughtered! And shortly after, the relentless fucking of Skylar’s mouth and boy butt begins.


    Each of his four team mates use his mouth and arse hole, fucking him hard and fast until, one by one, they shoot their thick wads of spunk all over him. There’s no cheesy script for the lads to stumble over, and all you can hear are the lads’ grunts and groans and Skyklar’s whimpers, echo round the cold changing walls.

    Leaving Skylar naked, breathless and covered in their spunk, his four team mates get dressed and leave, not once glancing back at him to check he’s okay. But Skylar doesn’t mind – he’s just relieved that his ordeal is over. Oh the poor lad, how wrong he is, as his team mates have played a cruel joke meaning that the away team go into the wrong changing room and find the dishevelled Skylar naked and nursing his battered bum in the showers.

    Now finding an opposing team member naked and all alone without the protection of his fellow team mates is too tempting too pass up and the four rival footballers decide to teach Skylar a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.

    If you can believe it, the fucking by Skylar’s team mates was a walk in the park compared to the brutal gang bang fucking the rival team – all hung like donkeys we hasten to add – put him through. And by the time they’ve finished tag teaming his arse, Skylar’s hole looks not like an HGV has reversed up it!


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