Shipped off to Dashwood Training Camp, seven fresh faced recruits are put through their paces by the tough but handsome Sergeant Moore, who doesn’t accept anything less than 100% from his boys. But while endless marching, exhausting exercise regimes and boot polishing keeps these handsome young fuckers busy, they still find a way to get busy with each other… Well, what else are these young, testosterone-fuelled guys going to do with their down time?


    With barrack-based, bunk-bed bunk-ups, intimate medic room massages and spit and spunk boot polishing, the story focuses on blond virgin James who struggles to find his place in the army. Nervous and shy, he soon catches the eye of fellow recruit, tall, lithe and very handsome Robert. The two lads hit it off and a relationship begins to develop.

    But what will happen at the end of training and final graduation at Dashwood? Who will pass, who will fail and where will these new recruits end up? Will fate play its part and allow the lads be stationed together?

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