Dark, dingy and full of rough chavs, Back Alley Breeders isn’t for the innocent or faint hearted and is a distinct departure from the norm for EurocremeGroup. It’s the first title from their new studio Back Alley that takes you to a place where hot and horny young men loiter, looking for a rough, ready and raw time! If you want your hole stretched wide open and slammed full of raw dick, then the Back Alley is the place to go! 


    Cameraman Sean Hardy gets right up close to the action with the best angles that give the viewer a rough voyeuristic experience. Harsh lighting lets you see the tiniest detail, like the droplets of spit dribbling down the faces and around the holes of the twinks as they get used.

    The cum seeping out of every orifice as these bottom boys are pumped full of it by relentless tops who empty their sacks whenever and wherever they want. These guys don’t care who shows up at the Back Alley, as long as they get their balls drained.

    Young muscle stud Nathan Raider certainly lives up to his name when he raids young Russian twink Dmitry Osten’s hungry arse and Sam Syron plays with his huge slab of meat while he waits for a hot bottom slut to turn up.

    Cue horny tattooed Skikes whose arse is hungry for a hard pounding! He may look innocent, but pretty boy Johannes Lars is anything but! He knows where to go for some big dick action, and Nathan Raider’s back to give the hungry young twink exactly what he wants!

    Blond hunk Gabriel Phoenix has heard about the size of the dicks that hang around the Back Alley, and he wants a piece of the action. Lucky for him then that Sam Syron is back and he’s hunting for a hungry hole.

    As soon as Sam sees Gabriel he pulls the young muscled lad towards him and fills his face with his stiff meat. Flipping him round, Sam tongues Gabriel’s hairy crack before sliding his giant dick in balls deep straight away!

    If you love watching rough, muscled young men giving cock hungry twinks something a bit rougher then you’ll love Back Alley Breeders!

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