Sometimes, even though you know it’s wrong, the urge can be too strong and you just have to follow your instincts, abuse authority and be bad. It’s Bad Conduct, the latest movie from award-winning director Brian Mills… featuring nine studs who get themselves into sticky situations with only one solution – crossing the line.

    Scene one and Gio Forte and David Dirdam can’t control themselves, strip out of their clothes and Gio drops to his knees to deep throat David’s massive cock. David returns the favour before sitting on Gio’s face, an action that brings both guys to orgasm.

    Next, David’s sat down on Gio stiff cock and bouncing up and down. Then it’s Gio’s turn to get his hole filled by David’s pendulous cock before they flip and David gets some more of Gio’s cock rammed up his arse.

    Bearded handyman Mike Dreyden is having a crafty wank, unaware that he’s being watched by Kurt Weber. The two spy each other and Kurt slides his meat through the bars of the elevator’s cage doors.

    Mike instantly deep throats Kurt, choking as he gobbles his cock down deeper. After the two have shot their loads, Kurt warms up his mate’s arse hole in preparation for the deep, steady fuck that follows.

    Scene three and Treshawn Valentino is rubbing the massive bulge in his briefs while admiring shirtless Leed Scott, who’s clipping trees outside. He knows it’s wrong but heads outside to get Leed to suck his thick black cock. But it’s in the field behind the house that Leed bends over and takes Treshawn’s massive cock in his arse – outstanding!

    Disruptive student Will Parker has been bullying another classmate and is called to the school’s office by administrator Slade where the concerned parent (Dean Flynn) is also waiting.

    “Will, get on your knees,” demands Slade. “See Mr Flynn, Will needs more than simple detention to keep him in line.” And so follows a hot three-way with Slade and Dean taking it in turns fucking Will’s mouth and sexy bubble butt…

    Being bad never felt this good!

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